That moment when you have started on your path to losing weight, getting fit and healthy. You are making such good progress and then BAM, you are hit by a bug, a sickness, a virus and it leaves you feeling dreadful.

You feel that little sore throat, which turns into a banging headache, runny nose, achy joints, and a lack of wanting to do anything!

Panic sets in that if you stop you will lose all your results and that you will end up back at square one, so you carry on, stiff upper lip. It’s like crawling through mud, but you have to get there you tell yourself I must keep battling on.


exercising with an illness_2

However I have news for you…….you have to stop immediately!


Working out when you are unwell is completely counterproductive!

You see, when we exercise we stress our bodies; we cause a little damage to them through the exercise we do. It is when we rest we repair. Our bodies repair the damage and grow stronger, and fitter. Now your body is capable at doing this all on it’s own, it’s pretty amazing.

When you are ill, be it a sick bug, sniffles, flu, cold, virus, whatever it is your body is conscious on working on fixing that. It is working hard inside to repair you – to kick the butt of whatever bug it is you have.

It cannot multi-task – it only knows how to do one thing – repair but what to repair, your body or your immunity?

Imagine you have been at work and your boss asks you to photocopy a document, easy hey. No problems that can be done in five minutes, BUT what happens if the phone rings, then emails come in, then a colleague needs your help, then a complaint comes in, and then more phone calls, and more email and aaarrrggghhhhh!




You come to a grinding halt! Because you have a system over load. You cannot get the photocopying done, because you have had a million and one other things dumped on you.

This is exactly what happens to your body when you become ill.

Your body is instinctively trying to repair and fight the virus or illness that you have. By giving it something else to do like repair from exercise is counterproductive.

Take heed if you ignore this advice and continue to workout, it will take double even triple the time to recover from your illness.

I understand what you are saying “But I have been doing so well! I don’t want to undo what I have done”.

Rest is important when you are unwell.

You won’t move forwards that is the truth, however you will move backwards if you continue to plough through.

Nothing SHOULD happen If you only stick to eating clean, eating healthy and not indulging on “treats” and “comfort food” when you are unwell. This is when damage can occur.


Top Tips for a speedy recovery?




4. Eat Well – fill your body with good nutrient to kick that bugs ass!


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