Now that we’re armed with some understanding of how essential oils work, let’s delve a little deeper into how essential oils can help you manage stress and improve your mood.

There are a number of essential oils for stress relief that can decrease cortisol levels, which rise when we find ourselves in stressful situations.

Effectively, this is the fight-or-flight response you feel when a colleague at work takes credit for your ideas, or your boss chastises you for something that wasn’t your fault.


The physical response can be involuntary: your heart begins to palpitate, your face turns red, and your palms sweat.


Calamus can help manage your cortisol levels and reduce stress symptoms and anxiety. Your increased heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate will fall back down into normal range, allowing you to calmly address the situation with a clearer mind.

Mint Aroma

Mint aroma compounds are also believed to help manage cortisol levels. A few drops of peppermint essential oil or even peppermint tea can have a very positive impact in times of stress.

In addition, this stimulating oil is believed to support focus and mental acuity, and aid overall alertness – giving you that much needed clarity in times of stress

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Sandalwood oil has a deeply grounding effect on the mind and body. Believed to regulate body’s limbic function, Sandalwood oil promotes balance and calm while also stimulating a health sense of confidence


Rich in esters and acetates, Lavender has a very stabilizing effect on mood. It also soothes muscle and relieves fatigue.


Chamomile contains the extraordinary chemical Azulene that acts as anti inflammatory and calms nerves, creating a sense of balance when you need it most.

Stress hormones can diminish mood-enhancing hormones like endorphins, and cause depressive feelings and anxiety. Essential oils can also help stimulate the production of feel-good chemicals in your body, and improve your overall mood.

Essential oils of rose and geranium

Essential oils of rose and geranium have long been celebrated for their abilities to give you an emotional lift. Uplifting and calming, these oils create a balancing effect on the mind and the skin. Emotions are balanced, relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.


Jasmine’s sweet aromas can have a very pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind. Slightly sedative, a dash of jasmine can also promote restful sleep and help the body regulate its natural clock.


The real worth of sage, a staple in many kitchens, may be in its mood-enhancing abilities. Sage aroma compounds may moderate Acetylcholine, an excitatory neurotransmitter whose disruption is a primary cause of depression.

Essential oil blends can be especially powerful, as they draw on the top properties of carefully selected essential oils and significantly multiply the benefits each oil delivers alone.

Sandalwood, for instance, is a great “wingwoman” oil, in that it lengthens the staying power of other essential oils and their aromas, and also boosts their therapeutic properties.

Finally – applying essential oils properly is just as important as picking the right ones.

Start by massaging four to five drops of oil between your toes, and onto the bottom of your feet, and work your way upward, massaging oil onto your pulse points the wrists, temples, and backs of your ears. Finish by inhaling deeply from your hands.

In the event that topical application isn’t practical, diffusing oils with an aromatherapy diffuser in your home or office is a simple way to experience their benefits.

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