How to Effectively Break a Weight Loss Plateau

We’ve all been there. You do everything right – complete all of your workouts, measure every macro, even eliminate cheat meals, but the scales won’t budge. You don’t look or feel any leaner. It is one of the most common occurences in the world of fitness and training.

You are not alone! Nothing can kill your motivation like a tough weight loss plateau. But we can do something about that – below are a few tips to help you push on through, get you back into gear and hitting those goals!


Keep On Measuring

As we work towards our fitness and weight loss goals, our body naturally changes. We make it a point to check our body composition stats when we begin our journey, but sometimes we forget to “check back in” to see how our body is changing. As you lose weight or build muscle, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will change.

BMR is the number of calories you burn in a 24-hour period at rest (i.e. sitting on the couch all day). This number will decrease as you lose weight and increase as you gain weight or muscle. If you’ve lost 10 or more pounds, break your weight loss plateau by re-testing your BMR to ensure you’re eating the appropriate amount of calories.

The meal plan that allowed you to lose weight at your starting point may not be the meal plan that can carry you through your entire journey. Be sure to test and re-test your body composition stats so you can stay on-track with an appropriate meal plan.

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Same old, same old…

It’s easy to look at our weight loss journeys as temporary – like a race with a distinct finish line. The truth is, our bodies are constantly adapting to our lifestyle habits, meaning that a weight loss journey is not just a temporary routine, but a slow transition to a new way of life. This lifelong journey requires many different methods of exercise to keep our bodies responding.

If you’ve been following the same routine for over eight weeks, it’s possible that your body has finished adapting to your current regimen. Keep the progress flowing and break your weight loss plateau by changing up your exercise routine every 6-8 weeks. Incorporate various methods of cardio (i.e. steady-state, HIIT, etc) as well as various methods of weight training.

Try new exercises, new group fitness classes and even new cardio machines.

Write It Down

If you’re not keeping some sort of food journal or log, it’s possible you’re missing something that could be keeping you from making the progress you strive for. By recording your daily food intake, it’s easy to see if your portions are too big or there’s an extra snack you’re forgetting to account for.

You can do this the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper, or the new-age smartphone way via apps such as the excellent one here at WatchFit! Whichever way you chose, record your daily food intake for a week to see if you’re eating appropriately for your goals. Review the week and see where your nutrition could improve. Sometimes even little adjustments can help you blast through that weight loss plateau!

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