So here we go again…

Winter seems to have finally gained a firm footing after a long and mild Autumn here in the UK. Christmas lights are already twinkling out on the streets and we will soon be rushing headlong into the festive season.

Personally I love it and still find it quite magical. The heart, soul, fun, generosity and humanity in evidence during this time is wonderful. Somewhat less wonderful is what happens to us once it has all subsided and we find ourselves on the other side of the New Year, feeling and looking somewhat stodgier, lethargic and harbouring a few regrets…


If you are feeling like this come early January, don’t panic, you are most certainly not alone! And for evidence of that you need look no further than the colossal upsurge in gym memberships. That is a great start of course, but it is what happens thereafter that really matters and this is where the figures are less encouraging…

How many people actually stick to their good intentions, healthy plans and fitness resolutions?

In gym terms it seems that around 80%+ fail to get beyond the first month. And that figure even applies to those gyms where people are locked into some sort of longer term membership contract, so they are still paying but no longer turning up!

So with 2016 just round the corner, how many of you are resolving to hit your best shape ever next year…..and how many are likely to fall short of that mark as early as March? Be honest now!

You won‘t be alone in the vast hordes of people who drop out of the ‘fitness system’ in March.

But why is this?

I have witnessed it myself. One moment the gym is humming with new people and optimism. The classes are full of new faces but gradually they dwindle to almost nothing and we’re back with the original and dedicated ‘hard core’.

People set an image of themselves and a time-frame and they do have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. But when I’ve asked people what they are actually going to do to reach their goal, they give me a myriad of answers.

diane youdale new years resolution_2

I tell people they really need to be training a minimum of twice a week. Anyone who only trains every so often really has no right to grumble and groan when they don’t see results. Something is always better than nothing of course but, but meaningful progress requires some input and effort.

Ideally more than twice a week is required but I appreciate this isn’t easy for everyone.

I would say get really specific with your New Year body goals. Specify the dress size you want to attain, the weight you want to drop (or rise) to. Keep that as the focus and target at all times.

Obviously don’t make it an outrageous goal as you’ll only find yourself falling short and give up altogether. Equally don’t aim for something too easy and breeze you way to it before rewarding yourself with a rest and a few binges!

People don’t give themselves enough credit. They set a goal which is too easy to get to achieve, believe it or not.

Now you have your goal set, how are you going to get there? There is so much much information out there about great exercise plans, phuysical activities and healthy eating. Just stay here on the WatchFit site and you can find out pretty much everything you need to know!

You do need to have a structured exercise and nutrition plan in place, stick to it, enjoy it and you will reap the benefits!


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