The human body is a complex system; medicine tells us this through conventional biology, chemistry, and physics in treating the material body.

Conventional medicine views disease as a distinct entity from the person who carries it.

Complimentary therapies

The doctors, surgeons and specialist address to mend or remove the out of order component, with all the investigative equipment and processes available, along with all the billions of drugs accessible for use, to chemically change the body.

There is some evidence to show that complementary therapies can improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people receiving conventional medicine, therefore, complementary therapies are beginning to be offered in conjunction with modern day medicine to elevate side effects of drugs and treatments.

A key difference between conventional and complementary medicine is that most forms of complementary medicine emphasize whole-body care.

Holism and homeostasis

A basic principle behind many kinds of complementary medicine is balance or homeostasis, encouraging the mind and body into balance to restore health and wellbeing.

Practitioners of complementary medicine take a holistic approach, addressing the patient’s whole being, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, nutritionally, anatomically, electrically and some energy medicine even within the holographic fields.

According to many surveys this holistic whole-body synergy approach is just one of the main reasons complementary medicine is on the rise.

In our modern world of high demands and fast past living, the list of everyday symptoms that people are now suffering is endless; it can be exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally, thus putting more strain on the body’s systems, glands and organs, as well as draining the vitality from the mind and spirit.

Treating the cause, not the symptoms

Millions of people reach for a quick fix to their problem, reach for an over the counter product to cover the symptoms of the real problem or adopt habits and behaviours, as a crutch to cope with unbalance they are experiencing, resulting in side effects with sort term imbalances and sometimes unknowingly having a detrimental impact on their long term health and wellbeing.

These adverse effects can be brought on via drug-drug interactions, food-drug interactions or even be an extra stressor to your body and mind over a long period of time.

Across the world more and more complementary therapies, medicines and modalities are being embraced as preventative approaches and or solutions to improve health and wellbeing.

Using Ancient Wisdom and Modern Day Advance Science therapies are being taught, learnt and wrote about more and more in the mainstream.

Many people participating in complementary therapies express the joy of having the choice and opportunity to take control and responsibility back for your own health, empowering the individual, as they move forward with their healing.

common uses of complementary therapies_2Ten benefits of complementary therapies

Incorporating complementary therapies into your daily Health, Fitness and Wellness plan can offer significant benefits.

1). Treatments are tailored to the individual, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach

2). Most treatments are non-invasive

3). Supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms

4). Supports homeostasis from a whole being perspective

5). Natural

6). Non toxic

7). No side effects

8). Sustainable

9). Few contraindications

10). Used for thousands of years, not just a short decade

Further benefits of regular complementary therapy sessions

1). Reduce stress and anxiety

2). Stability of the immune system

4). Increased energy

5). Increased productivity and focus

6). Improve sleep

7). Improve absorption of nutrients

8). Anti ageing

9). Support cell production, rejuvenation and repair.

And much more, depending on the choice of therapy integration and your chosen Practitioner.

How can all this, and more, be gained from complementary therapies?

Each therapy, modality or technique will have its own description of how it works and what it may do for you.

One of the main reasons people reach out or start using complementary therapies is to reduce stress!

Emotional distress, career choices, family disorder, financial worries, lack of rest, reoccurring systems or injury etc, all these elevate stress levels.

Clinical studies have shown that over time maintained high stress levels can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia, ulcers and even forms of cancer.

This is the opposite of homeostasis that is required by the body to function perfectly.

This imbalance impacts on the autonomic nervous system (its primary action through unconscious control of glands, stomach, intestine, bladder, blood vessels, respiratory tract etc and cardiac muscle) being part of the nervous system.

The problem with modern living

Modern day living keeps thousands of people in high fluctuation between “Fight or Flight” the excited mode over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and very little calming mode the parasympathic nervous system.

These responses include; pupil dilation increased heart rate and breathing, dilation of blood vessels, bronchial dilation, increased sweat production and glucose mobilization.

Using complementary therapies helps return the body and mind to the calm state, where natural healing can take place.

The parasympathetic nervous system controls the body’s responses’ during rest and repose.

These responses include; pupil constriction, stabilizing of the heart rate, increased gastrointestinal function and waste excretion.

A daily plan

So maybe explore using complementary therapy in your daily health plan, Meditation, Low level light Therapy, Music Therapy, Essential Oils Massage or even Energy Medicine and enjoy the benefits for a Healthier Happier You.

One aspect of working with a complementary therapy that is really important is the relationship you have with your practitioner. With the right one you will feel safe and confident that you are in good hands.

If you are receiving conventional medicine or treatment always inform or consult with your Specialist that you which to add complementary therapy to your health plan.

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