Studies have shown that 70-80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra for them.

This alone can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain, not to mention headaches. Even physios have discussed the importance of ladies wearing the right size good fitting bras. You wouldn’t wear the wrong show size would you?

So if we are wearing the wrong size regular bra, shall we say, what happens if we wear the wrong size sports bra?


This is such an important subject which very rarely gets discussed.

We are focused on getting out for a run, swim or getting to the gym and don’t even think about how this exercise is actually effecting our boobs.

If you have bigger boobs the usual thought is that they get in the way (and yes some ladies have had facial injuries from them), and the smaller cup size consider that they don’t need support because they are so small.

Ladies…this is NOT the case EVERYONE NEEDS the RIGHT support for their boobs, no matter how BIG or how SMALL!

I know that sports bras are not the sexiest things in the world, but this is not about looking good, it is about functionality and protection for you.

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So lets look at the science and biology behind it

Your boobs are mainly composed of fatty tissue (hence when us ladies lose weight it tends to go from our boobs), memory gland and muscle. However this muscle runs quite deep and does not support the breast. The natural bra consist of the Coopers Ligaments. These are thin bands that are interwoven into the whole of the breast which are not very strong at all.

If your boobs are not supported correctly with a good bra – sports or normal – with repetitive bouncing from exercise it can stretch the Coopers Ligaments permanatley and there is no cure for this – which means that your boobs will sag and ‘go south’. Plus not to mention the pain you get in your boobs from all the bouncing around.

This is applicable to ALL shapes and sizes of boobs, regardless as we all have the same make up in there.

Admittedly gravity will take hold as we get older and the bigger the boobs the quicker the will sag, again this is where support will help.

So what sort of bra is best to use and how to you know how to chose one?

With so many sports bras out there it can be a little difficult to find one that’s perfect. Don’t take for granted that what is best for you is necessarily best for someone else.

Level of Support is important, if you have larger boos you will need more support

Think about the intensity of the exercise you do. If you do a lot of bouncing movements then you need to get a higher level of support too.

There are two types of sports bras out there – Compression and Encapsulation.

Compression bras compress the boobs against your chest. These tend to be better for low impact like yoga or stretching. Some experts recommend these for women with smaller boobs

Encapsulation bras tend to keep your boobs separate in a cup. They are more similar to a 1950’s standard bra. If you have larger breasts then this will be the best option for you. For me personally I would prefer encapsulation for ALL types of boobs, big or small.

The width of the straps of your bra are super important too. You need to make sure that the straps are wider than a standard bra, mainly because of the load that it will be be taking with your movements.

Please, please ladies do not keep your sports bra for more than about 30-40 washes. The technical fabric of your bra will tend to wear away in the washing machine. This will reduce its lifespan gradually. I buy a new one every six months as a rule of thumb.

So now you have a little more education, go and get fitted for a sports bra to support your lovely lady lumps!


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