My children are my life, my responsibility, my heart and soul and the people I choose to sacrifice for every single day of my life.

If you haven’t had children or choose to not birth any – I respect your wishes and decision. However, a long time ago I was told that I had about a 50/50 chance of birthing babies and that made me very sad.

I married a man that knew of this prognosis and he refused to adopt – so I was left with no choice but to go on and build my life. Immediately after getting off my birth control for health reasons – I got pregnant – and within a few months I was pregnant again. I like to believe that my children are miracles from God. For the three reasons below – I build my life around my children and do so with a glad heart and a joyful spirit.


Many parents take their children for granted 

We all are guilty of presuming that our kids will be around forever – always a part of our life – but that simply isn’t true.

I share with you a story of why I never take my children for granted because in the blink of an eye – everything can change.

I left my ex-husband seven years ago and when I left I took my children with me. He then proceeded to hire the best lawyer his money could buy and ripped my kids from my life in a split second – they were taken from me out of spite and pure hatred for leaving him.

I have lived with the pain of not being able to see my children when I want to and not being able to speak to them on a regular basis. From that moment forward – I vowed to never take a single breath for granted.

I vowed to remain grateful that I am still breathing (because my pain has been so overwhelming without my kids – I didn’t know if I would live or die). I have often heard from other Moms – “I just need a break from my kids or I can’t wait to have a date night away from my kids” and I am thinking to myself how much I would give to be with my children.

Kids grow up so fast and life flashes by before our eyes and then our children our married and living on their own, away from us. We look back and ponder how did the time get away from us and was I there for my kids when they needed me.

Remember to cherish the times you have with them now and never take a single minute for granted because everything could change with a flip of a switch.

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My children are blessings not burdens

The moment you decide that your children are a gift from God and not a burden from the devil – you will begin treating them differently. When your perspective changes into — I am glad I can provide for my kids instead of complaining that they have a project due and you have to go out and buy items for it, or taking time off to take them to the doctor or taking time to stop and pray for your blessings.

I am so thankful that I am my children’s Mom and that I get to experience life with them on a weekly basis.

My children are my responsibility

I made the most important decision of my life and that is to raise my children. With children come a lot of responsibility, challenges and sacrifices and good decision making.

I must be the best parent my children need and that entails me changing my schedule to fit their appropriate needs, making their life simplified, helping them before my business and to do lists and making sure they are safe and loved.

I must ensure their emotions are stable and teach them how to have a good character and people skills in order to function properly in life. It is a must for me to raise my children in a Christian home and so this means I must build my life for what is best for my kids.

The little things in life really make all the difference

Like changing our perspective and shifting our minds to look at the good that our children bring to our lives. I encourage everyone to remain grateful because being grateful changes our attitude.

Remind yourself every day that you are doing the best you can and your kids need you more than anyone else. Show them how to be the best and encourage them to never give up on themselves. Teach them how to treat you and others with respect and love!

Make a significant difference in your children’s lives and you will create ripples that are miles long. Follow my journey on Facebook at Kelly Benamati and my global blog – The Power Of You.

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