Fitness Express is all about short, short and sharp sessions designed to deliver a great workout hit in the minimum time, but with maximum results. This issue it’s a boxing workout that’s guaranteed to achieve knock you fitness.

One of the most heated debates in the world of sport and fitness is which sport’s athletes are the fittest. For all-round fitness our vote would go to boxers – they have a fantastic blend of aerobic stamina, muscular endurance, strength, power and speed. All these fitness aspects are tested in the most extreme way, with another equally fit superhuman trying to knock their head off.

Applying some of their routines and exercises to your own training is a sure fire to boost your fitness and break through a training plateau. Boxing style workouts are really suited to short, sharp blasts and – if the gym’s packed and you’re short of time – heading into the studio and putting on some mitts can be a great option.


Our workout is perfect to do on your own using a punch bag or with a partner with gloves and focus pads. If you opt for the latter on the boxing ‘rounds’ double up the time and switch half way through and perform the other exercises together. Seconds out…..

The Workout

When you do the boxing movements, image you are boxing – don’t just flail continuously for the whole time. Move around the bag and throw focused, crisp combinations. All combinations are given for an ‘orthodox’ – right handed boxer (left hand lead). For ‘Southpaws’ (left handers) just reverse the positioning. Work through the exercises in order, taking minimal rest between them.

Warm-up: Shadow box, skip and perform some sub-max shuttle runs for 5min. Mix things up and make lots of changes of direction and movement.

Jabs 1min  30sec right hand/30sec left

Med Ball Chest Pass 1min Against wall or to partner

Lateral bench/hurdle jump 1min

Jab/Cross 2min Left-right combo for orthodox

Med Ball Slam Downs 1min

Tuck Jumps 1min

Jab/Cross/Hook 3min Left-right-left combo for orthodox

Crunch to Med Ball Throw 1min

Skipping 1min

Body shots 3min Close to bag alternate hand flurries

Exercise Descriptions

Med Ball Chest Pass

A brute of an exercise to have in a boxing routine and guaranteed to get your chest, shoulders and arms screaming.
*Keep your arms soft, absorb the catch and power the throw back as quickly as possible
*If using a wall, check that that it’s solid!
*If working with a partner, impose a five press-up penalty for any drops

Box your way to fit2

Lateral bench/hurdle jumps

Your upper body will be glad of the rest but this hit for the legs will get your heart rate racing.
*Make sure the hurdle is high enough to be challenging but low enough so that you can maintain a continuous rhythm
*Try not to double bounce
*Keep on your toes and your legs soft

Med Ball Slam Downs

Hits primarily the upper body and trunk but has a sneaky squat thrown in.
*Take the ball fully above and slightly behind your head
*Accelerate it down aggressively using your whole body
*The harder you slam it, the less you’ll have to squat to catch it

Tuck Jumps

An explosive hit for the legs and another exercise that’ll get your heart pumping and lungs burning.
*Think ‘hot tin’ roof and minimise floor contact time
*Bring your knees up to your chest
*Pace yourself – a minute is a long time!


A boxing routine wouldn’t be complete without some rope jumping.
*Think light, fast and on stay on your forefeet
*Don’t worry, if you can’t ‘skip like Muhammad Ali’’, just do what you can or do a round of shadow boxing, throwing jabs, punches, crosses and combinations

Crunch to Med Ball Throw

Your abs are working on the way ‘up’, during the exercise and as you absorb the catch – your already fatigued arms and shoulders are going to really suffer.
*Go toes to wall if solo, toe-to-toe if with a partner or use a weights bench
*Don’t be lazy with the throw, your arms haven’t got much more to do
*Crunch through a full range of movement

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