The hair on our head is composed predominantly of the protein ‘keratin’ with the inner layer made up of melanin that gives us our natural hair color.  The cuticle (outer layer) protects the hair. There are many factors that affect the growth of our hair including:

However, eating a healthy balanced diet will go a long way in giving you healthy hair.  What you eat on a daily basis makes a big difference to your hair.  Take a look at the following list of food sources to make sure you are getting enough:


Protein is the main component of your hair so getting enough good quality protein each day such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans, nuts and legumes.  Zinc is found in these protein sources that is important for gorgeous hair.

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B-vitamins are extremely important for healthy hair.  B-vitamins can be found in eggs, cheese, chicken and Greek yogurt.

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Fibrous Carbohydrates

The ‘no-carb’ diet is not the way to go for luscious, gorgeous hair.  Carbohydrates affect the length of the growth cycle of hair.  If you restrict carbohydrates too much, hair can look lifeless and dull.  Enjoy whole grain breads, oats, and brown rice.

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Are You Getting Enough Iron?

Iron-rich foods are important for preventing hair loss.  If you have heavy periods or eat a restricted diet, you might experience an iron-deficiency or anemia.  Fatigue and feeling breathless when exercising can be a sign of an iron deficiency.

However, too much iron can be toxic or dangerous, so it is wise to check with your doctor for proper dosages.  Eat dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach for healthy-looking hair.

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Good Fats

Good fats such as omega 3 essential fatty acids found in healthy fish such as salmon or halibut will help keep your scalp hydrated as well as your hair.  Good fats help transfer vitamins and minerals into the cells including your hair.

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Mironutrients are vitamins and minerals are important for helping the body absorb iron from vitamin C.  Enjoy fruits and vegetables every day such as kiwi, peppers and oranges.  Sweet potatoes, carrots and green vegetables are good sources of beta-carotene, the plant version of vitamin A.  Vitamin A is needed for cell growth and a healthy immune system.

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If You Want To Take A Supplement

A high quality multi-vitamin is an excellent way to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals that your body, as well as your hair, needs.

Medications and illness can definitely affect your hair and even though there are plenty of supplements on the market for hair, it is ideal to get all the nutrients you need from food.  Enjoy a balanced, varied diet that includes lean protein, plenty of fruits and vegetables, dairy and whole grains for healthy, gorgeous hair.


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