Aggravation to The Hair Problem

Hair Treatment

Every human being without an exception would love to have luscious, healthy tresses but the unfortunate thing is that not everyone is so blessed and to make up for it people indulge into excessive hair washing, conditioning and trying all sort of spas, treatments, irons etc to give it a fabulous look without realizing the intensity of damage it does to their hair.


The Outcome

of all this in the longer run can be extreme hair fall. Not only the external chemicals but other factors like age, hereditary, stress levels, pollution, weather etc can also play a huge role in aggravating your hair fall problem. But the most important factor which decides the health of your hair is the nutritional support you give it.

Nutritional deficiencies

can weaken the shafts of your hair causing breakage and slow the re-growth of new hair. We superficially take care of our hair but tend to forget that there is a deeper and internal nutritional approach to nurture it and give a healthy sheen, feel and look to our hair. A balanced diet rich in proteins and iron can work just fine to give you shiny, bouncy and thick hair making sure you don’t lose them excessively.

Here is a list of certain foods which can work wonders to improve your hair quality:


Hair is pure proteins made up of keratin. Hence to maintain good hair health and growth, proteins are one of the most essential nutrients. Besides proteins, eggs also contain iron, vitamin B12, zinc, sulphur, and vitamin A which are also crucial for good hair growth. They also contain biotin which helps fight hair loss problems.


Known for its high protein and omega 3 fatty acids can help in a great way to allow hair growth. Omega 3 fatty acids found in this fish are the true super stars as they are found in cell membranes of your scalp and in the natural oils which keep your scalp healthy and hair hydrated. Since they cannot be produced in the body, they need to be obtained by food.


Apart from good amount of omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts also contain vitamin E which protects the cells in the scalp from damage by toxins thereby reducing hair fall and helping the cells to support healthy hair growth. Walnuts also contain copper which allow the hair to maintain its natural colour and luster.

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 Garden cress seeds:

These seeds are extremely rich in iron which is a nutrient needed for hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the cells helping them function better. This stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Lack of iron can starve the hair follicles of oxygen hence aggravating hair loss.


Extremely rich in vitamin C, which helps produce collagen an important connective tissue which holds the cells and structure of the hair together. This allows better hair strength and quality thereby preventing hair fall. Vitamin C also help to absorb iron well which adds to the hair growth.


They are rich in vitamin A which is necessary to maintain the integrity and health of the scalp cells and also act as an antioxidant to prevent hair damage. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause hair loss and thinning. Hence it makes good sense to add vitamin A rich foods to the diet to help your tresses grow beautifully.

Black sesame seeds:

These seeds are rich in copper and zinc both of which are crucial for healthy hair development. They help in maintaining thickness of the hair and in the growth of new hair cells. Copper helps in intensifying hair color and zinc helps in maintaining the oil secreting glands attached to the hair follicles. A great combination of two super power hair saver nutrients.

Sunflower seeds:

They are a great combination of hair promoting nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin E which not only prevent hair fall but stimulate the hair cells to grow new and healthy hair by providing nourishment and protection from toxins.


Apart from being loaded with protein, zinc, B- complex vitamins etc, legumes are also a great source of sulphur which is known as nature’s beauty mineral. Sulphur is found abundantly in hair cells, it helps to circulate blood well and also metabolize some B vitamins helping the hair cells to produce string healthy hair.


Most people forget water which is the most important nutrient to hydrate every cell of your hair so that it works at its best. Dehydration can cause severe hair loss and affect hair re-growth as well. The way to use water is just to wash your hair externally but drink plenty of this miraculous liquid to nourish your hair from within.

In a nutshell, a balanced diet including the above mentioned foods can give you a relief from the dreadful hair loss sessions and turn your baldy nightmare into a gleaming, shining and healthy hair reality.

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