You may have heard about using essential oils for skincare, relaxation and pain relief, but did you know that it’s possible to use essential oils to help you lose weight?

No, they’re not something that can make you lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but they promote weight loss by giving your body everything it needs to stay active, burn fat, and reduce your cravings.

If you’re stuck on a plateau in your weight loss programme, essential oils can help you push through it, and we’ll outline the best ones below. 

How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

There are a few excellent ways you can use your essential oils to help you lose weight. After we give you a few ways to try, we’ll get to the oils themselves. 


Diffusing the essential oils in the room or rooms where you spend the most time can help to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere that is free of stress. Since stress can trigger cravings, it’s essential to avoid it. 


Arguably one of the best ways to use essential oils for sleep is through topical application. It soaks straight into your skin and goes to work within minutes. However, you should never apply essential oils directly to your skin because it can cause irritation. Dilute it with a carrier oil first and do a small skin patch test.

You can make massage oils, bath oils, and more. 

Seven Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Since there are hundreds of essential oils available, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. We’ve done the research for you, and you can read on to find which ones you should consider adding to your routine.

1. Sage

Sage essential oil has a long history of use in Asia as a medicinal extract to treat a variety of ailments. Sage has a very earthy and spicy aroma, and sage leaves a popular ingredient in several dishes. The Native Americans used sage for protection and healing by burning during their ceremonies. (1)

Sage essential oil also has components that protect against obesity. One study found that using sage essential oil through inhalation or topical application can protect your cells against oxidative stress. This stress causes cell damage that can lead to obesity, a weakened immune system, and diabetes. (2

2. Juniper

The Juniper tree is an extremely hardy tree species that thrive in desert locations with extreme temperatures, boiling sun, and drought without a problem. You get this essential oil from the berries on the tree or from distilling the needles and bark and extracting the oil. (3)

Research into using this extract for weight loss showed that juniper comes loaded with antioxidant and antiobesity compounds. It helps with water retention, and it helps with helping you manage your weight loss. Because of this, you may want to consider a topical application for the best results. (4)

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is a very popular essential oil due to the sweet, clean, and sharp scent associated with it. Native to North America and parts of Europe, this essential oil comes from distilling the leaves of the Peppermint plant. It has a long history of medicinal use associated with it too. (5)

A study involving athletes showed that peppermint oil could help with weight loss by boosting your energy levels to allow you to work out longer. It can also aid in muscle repair to reduce your fatigue levels. In turn, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to continue on with your weight loss plan. Topical application over your sore muscles is best. (6)

4. Lemon

A highly citrus-based scent, lemon has a positive mental and physical effect on anyone who smells it. It also comes packed with antimicrobial properties that makes it a very popular cleaning and disinfecting agent. Just like peppermint, lemon is a stronger essential oil that you have to dilute before use. (7)

Research shows that lemon oil is a powerful tool to help you lose weight. It works to improve your neurological activity that promotes body fat breakdown. It also has calming and stimulating properties. It enhances your detox processes to help get you off plateaus and back to losing weight as well. (8)


5. Ginger

Ginger oil is extremely popular in Asian countries, and it has medicinal uses dating back centuries. Extracted from ginger root, it’s a common spice in many different dishes. It has a host of properties associated with it ranging from helping with nausea to weight loss and more. (9)

Ginger is a powerful supporter or nutrient absorption and digestion. One study showed that people who used ginger ate less because it helped to suppress their appetite, so they felt fuller for longer. In turn, they found themselves snacking less. This can lead to healthy weight loss. (10)

6. Grapefruit

Another citrus essential oil, grapefruit has a very happy and clean scent. It’s useful in a variety of applications from cleaning agents to helping you achieve your weight loss. This essential oil has both physical and mental health benefits associated with it as well. (11)

Grapefruit oil contains a compound called D-limonene. This compound helps to stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories. It also cleanses your lymphatic system, and this allows for you to circulate and absorb more nutrients when you eat, so you feel fuller for longer periods. (12)

7. Cinnamon

A festive and warm scent, cinnamon is a common smell around the holidays. It’s a popular spice that comes from the cinnamon plant. It’s native to China, and there are thousands of years of medicinal use behind it, ranging from digestive issues to skin problems and more. (13)

Researchers found that the cinnamon can help to reduce your cravings for sugar. It can also effectively lower your fasting blood sugar levels, and this is great news for diabetics. Since you’re not having typical cravings, it can help you reduce your calorie intake and help you lose weight. (14)

Bottom Line

Now you know how to use essential oils for weight loss and the seven best choices you can make. You can try one or try them all and see which ones help to control your cravings, boost your energy levels and metabolism, and help you reach your weight loss goals.



Catherine Lawson is the chief editor at Wellness Aromas is a community of passionate aromatherapy advocates, dedicated to providing resources and guidance to improve your wellness with essential oils.

Photos by Jaron Whelan on Unsplash & Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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