A client of mine has had the unfortunate luck of developing diabetes at a very young age.

One kidney was taken out at the age of 12 and his remaining kidney left functioning at 25%. He is overweight and blind in his left eye directly because of his diabetes. As you can see luck was not on his side.

However, five hours of talking at my apartment and buying vitamins that same night, I can assure you his life has changed. His blood sugar has gone from 150-160 everyday without insulin to 100-110 without insulin.


His left eye which is the one that is blind and always red and shut – now it is wide open and white again. His Kidney we can not comment yet because he has not gone to the  doctor for testing. He is a comedian here in Los Angeles and now talks about how the vitamins have saved him and opened his eyes to other natural remedies in the world.

Another client of mine who is my Mother has seen a major difference in her health.

My mother suffers from Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. She  is 63 years old and walks with a bad limp from years of bad knees. After fighting me on taking these vitamins my Mother finally succumbed to enough pain to try anything.

She has been on Oxycontin for years and her doses we so high she was on $600 dollars a month! The first week she tried the vitamins, she admitted to me that she did feel a difference energy wise. By the second week her pain management doctor had asked her what she was doing to reduce the pain. She also had dropped her medications from five long lasting pills a day and short acting to a single pill a day and a couple of short acting. This was all in two weeks!

how vitamins are working _2

Now my mother has run out of vitamins until the new shipment comes in and she can feel the major difference.

She has a bit of pain again in her joints. Her knee is still perfect but her hands are starting to hurt. She wasn’t on the vitamins long enough for it to have worked permanently. However we hope for and expect in the next two months for the arthritis to be officially over and we can concentrate just on her Fibromyalgia. I will keep the follow-ups coming on my mother.

A Catholic Priest who has been a family friend for years has had major knee and shoulder issues.

The Priest is 64 years old. He was sceptical as well and that is no bad thing to some degree. However after a month of the vitamins, he was going to see a specialist for his shoulder and then cancelled the doctors appointment after it simply stopped bothering him. He has since started telling his Parish about the vitamins in hopes of helping more people in his congregation.

I have a variety of clients. I chose the sickest of people to go after because word of mouth is important to me. It’s my word on the line. I follow up with every person I have sold to. I check weekly. When I can fix the sickest of people with their issues imagine the questions they will get from interested and amazed people? This has been my focus the entire time. Heal the worst of the worst and the best will come out of it.

The power of quality and appropriate vitamins is extraordinary. Whomever is interested in learning about benefits of taking vitamins can ask me.

I hope this article has helped my readers learn a bit more. Feel free to do your own research on Dr. Joel Wallach.

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