You’ve read How To Balance Your pH Part I. Here I explain the best way to test your pH and show you how to re-balance it… 

As you know, you can test your urine or saliva using pH strips. But the best way for you to see what is going on internally is tracking it over the course of a week. A diet that lacks essential nutrients and is high in acid–forming foods will show up in your urine.

First things first; a pH imbalance is primarily a product of what you eat so food is the first place to start.  However, this can also be slightly confusing as foods that you may think are acidic are actually alkalising in the body.


For example, lemon is acidic but becomes alkaline when consumed. Grains and milk although alkaline in reality, once eaten, they become acid-forming so it is important to understand that it is the pH once the food is broken down that actually affects us. 

This can be confusing and if you connect with me, I can send you a list alkaline and acid-forming foods for quick reference, as well a sheet to record your daily pH levels from your pH tests.
Second, acid isn’t all bad…

The stomach needs to be an acidic environment, not only it this necessary for processing food, but it helps to protect your body from pathogenic organisms that shouldn’t be there. 

Many people with acid reflux and heartburn actually have to too little acid in their stomachs, not too much and this problem is made worse by prescription and over the counter medications that increase alkalinity in the stomach.

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pH and Disease
Bones are the storehouse for alkalizing minerals and when we eat a diet that is rich in nutrients; our bodies don’t need to rely on the stored minerals in the bones. However, if we over consume foods that promote acidity in the body, we start taking the stored minerals from our bones.  In the short term, this may not be an issue, but in the long run, it can have serious consequences, not just for our bone density but for our overall health.

Naturally Improving Your pH Balance

Follow these steps below to restore your body’s pH balance:

1) Start your day with a glass of warm water and freshly-squeezed lemon

2 Take a high-quality daily multivitamin as well as Omega 3 and a probiotic will help keep your ph balanced as well as protecting your bones. (Connect with me to find out about natural, organic plant based supplements to assist you with this goal).
3) Fill your plate with fresh vegetables, particularly the dark green leafy ones. Choose root vegetables, which are good sources of alkalizing mineral compounds.

4) Consider boosting your diet with a green drink that contains chlorophyll

5) Avoid refined carbohydrates, processed foods and sugar.

6) Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Enjoy every bite!

Paying attention to your pH is one place you can begin to make an immediate positive change for optimal long-term health. 

I would encourage you to start testing as soon as you can so you can learn how to balance your body pH properly.
If you would like any help or guidance with obtaining pH testing strips and balancing your pH and if you want any of the FREE resources mentioned above then connect with me by clicking here, and find out how I can help you.  I work closely with clients to help increase their energy levels, reduce symptoms and achieve optimal health, harmony and happiness.

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