There are lots of ways of killing oneself

If you prefer a quick method, just jump from the plane without a parachute. If you’re lucky your landing is usually quite painless. Final, but painless.

Alternatively there are long and slow methods which often cause considerable discomfort, not to mention prolonged anguish for the bereaved.


Unfortunately millions of people have chosen smoking as their preferred route to a gradual reduction in health and fitness. They continue puffing away on their crutch in the hope that “it will never happen to me.” Little do they know, the bad effects of smoking apply to each individual, no one is a exception.

What harm is there in enjoying a cigarette?

Imagine the owner of a beloved cat or dog reaching for a tin of food for them.  Printed on the tin in bold letters is a statement “This food can kill your pet.” What proportion of pet owners would ignore such a warning? It seems amazing however those warnings on cigarette packets go unheeded.

Over 4000 chemicals in cigarette

Many smokers seem to be aware only of the nicotine content in cigarettes. The list of ingredients is quite staggering. They include Arseneic: used in rat poisons, Hydrogen cyanide: used in gas chambers, Methyl  Isocyanate: the cause of 2000 deaths in Bhopal, India in 1984

There are always some lucky ones

We’ve all heard accounts of someone’s grandfather who started smoking at the age of seven and continued to smoke 100 cigarettes a day until his death at the age of 110. It’s true that in some situations the human body is capable of withstanding the daily assault on its system but there are far too many who are not nearly so fortunate.

It’s not just lung cancer that’s to be feared

The mouth, lips, bladder, liver, kidneys, stomach and pancreas are some of the areas that can be blighted by the deadly weed. Not sufficient to cause alarm so far? Add to the list coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and the list goes on.

One for the men

Hi guys! If you’re looking forward to many more years of romantic liaison’s what will happen to the plans if impotence hangs its head? Will it be you that is to be visited by this affliction or may be somebody else?  Actually, it’s often a combination of infertility and impotence — a case of two for the price of one!

One for the ladies

If motherhood is in your scheme of things you could be snookered with infertility through smoking. If you’re lucky enough to know that you have become pregnant forget other smoking mothers who recount their stories of continued smoking through pregnancy.

Maybe their offspring are still too young to show signs of damage done. Don’t play Russian roulette with your unborn babies health and well-being. Be smart instead

bad effects of smoking-02

Reduce the risks to the unborn child

-Your baby is less likely to be born too early and have to face the additional breathing, feeding and health problems that often go with being premature.

-You will enjoy fewer complications in pregnancy and reduce the devastating risk of a stillbirth.

-Your baby is less likely to be born underweight. Smoking mothers tend to produce babies who are on average 200 g (about 8 ounces) lighter than other babies.

-You will reduce the risk of cot death, also known as sudden infant death.

Stopping smoking will also benefit your growing child

Passive smoking can be as harmful to your child as if they were smoking themselves. Children whose parents smoke tend to be more likely to suffer from asthma and other more serious illnesses including bronchitis and pneumonia, needing hospital treatment.

Thinking of reducing your smoking?

Sorry to be a damp squib in telling you that being only a part smoker is about as difficult as being partly pregnant. Of course, there are some smokers who are successful in considerably reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke each day. Some are able to have just an occasional cigarette without getting hooked into regular daily smoking.

For the majority who succeed in cutting down, the reduction is usually short lived as they gradually ramp up over a few short weeks to the original frequency.

You’re more likely to be successful in stopping completely than in being a part-time smoker

For most people cigarette smoking is a habit and not an addiction and is therefore not that difficult a habit to discontinue. Many regular smokers go for several hours without cigarette when they are in their workplace. Not many wake several times in the night for a smoke. How many drug addicts have the ability to do the equivalent?

Various methods available to help you stop

One of the most effective and fastest methods to quit the smoking habit is hypnotherapy.

If you have a serious desire to put your smoking career behind you, then that intention can become reality in one session of hypnotherapy lasting under two hours. Smokers who have tried and failed with a variety of other methods usually come to my hypnotherapy practice as a last resort and cannot believe that they are free at last from the clutches of the evil weed.

Go for it!

Start to value your personal health and well-being. It’s never too late to quit smoking because your body will commence repairing itself literally within an hour of smoking your last cigarette. The repair and rejuvenation will continue year after year. Within a few days you will notice an improvement in your breathing, energy level and ability to taste and enjoy your food.  Good Luck.

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