Processed meat and cancer

Since the World Health Organisation released its report stating that processed and cured meats (yes, including bacon) are a category 1 carcinogenic, cancer-causing substance the internet has been in an uproar.

Here in the WatchFit office we have mixed feelings about the news. As we’re not experts, yet we happen to know some, here are a few responses from our experts regarding the issue.


Zero to do with fat content

“It’s interesting that this is making news now. I’ve been saying it for over a decade. It’s the sulfites and other preservatives in the meats that’s the problem. It has zero to do with the fat content. I’d also go as far as saying the hormones and antibiotics used on the animals as they are raised is a major contributor.”

– Kevin Rail

Everything in moderation

“As far as the meat controversy is concerned, I have always been a fan of moderation. I believe that overindulging in any food can lead to issues. I don’t plan on cutting out red meat due to the results of the study, but I do plan on including more of a variety in my meal planning and protein choices.

Healthy eating should include a variety of protein sources as well as fruits and vegetables within your caloric needs. This will certainly vary person to person, but moderate consumption of all protein sources should be considered. ”

– Sarah Walentynowicz

bacon cancer_2The problem is with processed meat

“Cutting a long story short on the WHO stance – I feel they did the best they could with the data they legitimately had, but missed the point with the conclusions, it’s not that eating bacon has correlated with cancer, but eating processed meats seems to be a good indicator that a person is also sedentary or over consuming in general, when you actually break the figures down…

…it’s almost as if bacon indicates lifestyle”

– Rich Sennewald

Bacon has its nutritional benefits 

“Recent news aligning bacon with cancer has suddenly placed this popular food into some kind of ‘danger category’ and it is now likely to be viewed in entirely negative terms – certainly in the sensationalist media. So lets take this opportunity to redress the balance a little and look at very real nutritional benefits of bacon…

Bacon might not strike you as being high on the health list. Being that it’s often associated with a classic fry up or a sauce soaked sandwich. However bacon is full of health benefits too! It provides high protein/low carb energy, is good for lowering blood pressure and sugar levels, is full of choline – which is an aid to intelligence and memory, and it is a fine source of Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 and zinc, magnesium, iron and protein.

And at a protein to fat ratio of 4-1, it has one of the highest balances in any meat, fish or fowl found on the planet!’

– Pete Evans

So a mixture of agreement and disagreement from our experts. Overall we’d say that as usual, moderation and clean eating as often as possible is key to good health. And trying to avoid too many BLT’s apparently!

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