Ok so you know avocados are good for you.

You know experts refer them to as ‘superfoods’.

But what is it exactly that makes this ‘butter pear’ stand out from the fruit crowd?


Let’s have a look at the top 10 avocado powerful nutritional benefits that will make you love them even more.

1. High in healthy fat

Avocados are pretty amazing type of fruit. Nearly three quarters of the total calorie count comes from fat, mainly in form of an omega-9 fatty acid called oleic acid, type of monosaturated fat. Its positive effects on the body are so many that oleic acid would need a long separate category. But to name just a few, these include: reducing the inflammation of joints, improving cardiovascular system and improving blood sugar balance.

2. Nutrient-boosters

An impressive number of evidence suggests that avocados improve absorption of nutrients from other fruits and vegetables! Carotenoids (pre vitamins A) for instance, are best absorbed when eaten in conjunction with fat. It therefore makes sense to combine avocados with other foods so we get various essential nutrients in one meal.

One of my favourite dishes which I often recommend to my clients is Warm avocado salad. It is delicious, substantial, nutritious and ridiculously easy to make. And did I mention it’s delicious?


– Two large sweet potatoes
– One red pepper
– One red onion
– One can chickpeas
– Two avocados
– Bag of spinach or any green leafy salad
– Olive oil
– Salt
– Black pepper
– Lemon


Preheat the oven to 200c. Chop sweet potatoes into small pieces (if you are using organic ones there is no need to peel them), together with red pepper and red onion. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, black pepper, mix everything together and roast for 35min. Once the vegetables are done, mix them with chickpeas.

Now put the spinach into a bowl and the veg/chickpeas mixture on top. Add peeled and sliced avocados and gently mix everything together. Scatter with a little extra olive oil and salt and squeeze of lemon juice.

3. Blood sugar balance

It is very important to keep our blood sugar levels stable, in fact, it is crucial for our overall wellbeing. The body’s mechanism achieves this by producing hormone insulin. Insulin resistance is a prediabetes condition that occurs when the body can no longer respond to the action of this hormone and can lead to obesity.

The healthy monosaturated fat found in avocado may aid functioning of insulin as well as slow digestion of foods, therefore keep you satisfied for longer. This will result in balanced blood sugar levels and keeping the weight off your waistline.

4. Healthy digestion

I cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining healthy digestion. Our entire being is affected by how well we digest the food we eat.

One medium avocado provides around 10 grams of fiber which is half of the rda (recommended daily intake).

Another reason to try my Warm avocado salad!

10 avocado nutritional benefits that will intrigue you02

5. Cholesterol free

Do you still need convincing why you should be putting some avocado onto your plate? The great news is that it has been found beneficial for lowering cholesterol. The clever mononsaturated fat in this nutritional power-house does not like LDL (bad cholesterol) and prefers HDL (good cholesterol) instead therefore, in the long run, your arteries and cardiovascular system will thank you for including it on your daily menu!

6. More potassium than bananas

Firstly, let’s clarify why we need potassium. This vital mineral is needed for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, normal digestive function and functioning of all cells, tissues and organs. In addition, dietary potassium has been found to lower blood pressure by balancing out the levels of salt in your bloodstream.

7. Source of protein

Indeed, there are other protein sources than meat, cheese and eggs! In fact, avocados will provide you with more protein than cow’s milk. Compared to other fruit, they score the highest at protein content! What’s more, these proteins are available in form of easily digestible amino acids which comes a result of their ripeness.

8. Anti-aging properties

Forget fancy creams and stock up on avocado oil instead! Yes, it does not only taste delicious, you can even use it to moisturise your delicate skin. With its thin consistency and richness of vitamins A, D, E and healthy fat, you found yourself a new affordable anti-aging product.

9. Baby food

Isn’t it just fascinating that the shape of avocado is exactly the same as the shape of a baby at 16 weeks when in its mummy’s womb?

Your baby will love its creaminess whilst making the most of the wonderful nutrients that help healthy physical growth and brain development!

10. Environmental heroes

Avocadoes are not only nourishing for our bodies but for the world we live in too. The massive acres of avocadoes trees impressively renew our air supply. A single tree can absorb the equivalent of carbon dioxide produced by 26.000 miles of car drive.

Do you need any more convincing for making avocado your new number one fruit?

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