Whether it be truth or fiction, the fountain of youth has yet to be discovered. While you’re stuck here waiting, you may be surprised to find your own fountain of youth in your kitchen. Well-balanced meals and regular exercise today can do more for you long term than you may realize.

Subtract years by adding healthy foods. Use these ingredients to target specific areas of your body that are prone to aging. The short term effects aren’t too bad either.

Curing Curcumin

Ever wonder how curry powder got its name? Curcumin is the term for the yellowish pigment in turmeric. This pigment is responsible for giving curry more than just its title but its cancer-fighting capabilities as well. Curcumin plays an important role in cell apoptosis-or cell death.

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Though cell death may sound a little scary, it is actually an important step for minimizing cancer metastasis. It activates the self-destruct “button” that most cells have turned on but cancer cells have turned off.

Studies have found a long list of cancer cells that curcumin has the potential to affect. But for reasons not fully understood, it steers clear of normal, healthy cells. So spice up your life with a little turmeric for piquancy and longevity.

The Green Vaccine

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness as you age. It can be described simply as the deterioration of the optic nerve. Though its causes are still unknown, plant foods that contain specific pigments have been shown to slow down the proliferation of glaucoma. These two pigments, lutein and zeaxanthin, are actually stored in the retina. So the more you consume throughout your life, the better maintenance of your retina over time.

These pretty pigments can be found in earthy vegetables like kale and collard greens. In fact, as much as one serving of collard greens or kale per month can be sufficient enough to decrease the proliferation of glaucoma.

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Do your eyes some justice and have a kale salad here and there. It’ll make your future a little brighter.

Maintain Your Brain 

Your brain is a machine in itself. It consumes 25% of your daily oxygen intake and demands a high amount of energy even at rest. The more your brain is used, the more reactive oxygen and nitrogen species it encounters. The more reactive species your brain encounters, the faster you, more or less, “age”.

The Journal of Nutrition published a study on the association between walnut intake and brain health with age. Walnuts contain high amounts of two nutrients: phytochemicals and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Together, they reduce inflammation, increase nerve signaling, and boost neurogenesis.

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These characteristics of walnuts can preserve your sharp mind and prolong the onset of Alzheimer’s over time. Unless you suffer from a nut allergy, you can incorporate more walnuts into your yogurts, salads, baked goods and more. A beautiful brain starts with a healthy mindset.


I’m sure your taste buds just perked up. By now you know that cocoa beans are a plant just like any other that is chock full of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Cocoa beans contain flavonols- a branch of flavonoids. These antioxidants have been shown to lower bad cholesterol as well as raise good cholesterol in the body- effects that are usually only seen from exercise.

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Just like with tea, milk blocks the positive effects that cocoa has to offer. So chowing down on milk chocolate bars won’t do you any good.

However, raw cocoa powder can be used as an alternative to flour. It may take some trial and error but the outcome is worth it. You can even purchase raw cocoa butter in stores for a heart healthy spread on your morning toast.

Remember that you are what you eat. Your body rebuilds itself every three months with the materials you provide through your gut. It’s time to build your foundation solid by consuming the right foods for your body. You’ll begin to realize that food was your fountain of youth the entire time.







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