We all know that feeling when we wake up, you don’t want to talk to no one and you are still struggling to greet the new day until you have had your fix of caffeine. Whether it is in your tea/coffee or an energy drink. For some it doesn’t stop there – you find yourself a good few hours into your day, not realising you have consumed several cups of coffee! Even more so now, with cold temperatures, it’s an inevitable affair! Too much of anything can be harmful, though! A high consumption of caffeine over a period of time can increase blood pressure. If you consume too much caffeine in a short space of time, it can make you shaky as well as give you headaches, so it is not advised no matter how tired you are.

Still, we need to note that if caffeine is drunk in moderation it can increase your metabolism, being a favourite to those that work out. However,  it sucks the body of vitamin C supply, and lastly leaving your teeth stained.

Why not swap a delicious smoothie instead of coffee/tea, placing your favourite fruits, making sure you get your 5 a day recommended fruits or even veg, that’s also delicious and can also act as a stimulant for alertness?


Here are 5 recipes for delicious smoothies and some for vegans to enjoy too:

Cheery soya yogurt:

Dairy–free vegan smoothie great for a pick-up at breakfast also provides sustenance for exercise

– 100ml (¼ tall glass) cherry juice  (I prefer the non concentrated)                                                                                                        

– 200ml (½ tall glass) unsweetened soya milk

– 1  cherry soya yogurt                                                                                                                                         

– 3 tbsp or 50g firm silken tofu

– 75g (1 empty yogurt pot) frozen cherries                                                                                                   

– 2 tbsp porridge oats

5 smoothie receipes to quit drinking coffee

Creamy mango & coconut smoothie:       

Dairy and soya free smoothie                                                                                     

– 200ml (½ tall glass) coconut milk

– 4 tbsp coconut milk yogurt

– 1 banana                                                                                                                                                                             

– 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin seed

– 1 mango sliced                                                                                                                   

– 1 passion fruit, to finish (optional

5 smoothie receipes to quit drinking coffee

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie:

Energizing a quick lift up providing energy

– 8 ice cubes

– 1-2 bananas (depending if big ones or small one)

– Handful of strawberries then just blend

Tropical blend:

Refreshing and lifting

– 8 ice cubes

– 1 mango (slice in chunks),

– Sprinkle some coconut water as well as shredded coconut (you can get from most


– Handful of Macadamia nuts

– Cut some fresh pineapple bits & blend.

The all in smoothie:

Ideal for the one that lacks their 5 a day

– 8 ice cubes

– 1 apple cut in little slices

– 1 orange squeeze all in the blender

– 1 small banana

– 1 kiwi peeled cut in pieces

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