What to buy the woman in your life this Christmas? Whether it is your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, sister or granny, she will love some of these ideas. There are Christmas present for the gadget lovers, ideas for those needing to de-stress and devices to help improve health and fitness. Whether she wants to tone up, lose weight or just have an exciting new fitness challenge, there is something among these Christmas present ideas for all the women in your life.

Ideas for a Christmas present for her



1. A new gym bag

– there is no greater feeling than putting your gym clothes and shower products into a shiny new gym bag. It is free from years of clutter, it makes you feel great and there are some great, fashionable items out there to suit all tastes.

pink gym bag as a perfect  christmas present for a lady

2. Work out clothes

– a funky top, a svelte pair of trousers or a comfortable new pair of trainers, let the woman you love know just how much you support her fitness regime, and appreciate her figure! She’ll enjoy her Zumba class even more, wearing her new gift.Just make sure you get the size right!

black zumba top as a perfect christmas present for a woman

3. Step-counting watch

– now with this Christmas present you are helping her get fit and providing the motivation to keep going. Why not get a pair of watches so you can go walking together. Remember, exercise is always better when done with others.

pedometer step counter as perfect christmas pressent for a woman

4. Healthy cook book

– home cooking is all the rage, but so often the recipes are for calorie-loaded cakes and breads, or butter and cream-based meals. Treat your loved one to a healthy cook book, so she can enjoy her meals without worrying about the calories.

healthy cook book as a perfect present for a woman

5. New i-phone

– in many people’s opinion this is the best smart phone on the market, and it will allow the woman in your life to stay in touch, work on the go, record her day through high res pictures, video clips, and of course download great apps such as the Watchfit app to get in the best shape ever!

iphone 5s perfect present for a lady

6. Work out DVD

– there are some great fitness DVDs on the market. Choose one that is full of exciting new fitness exercises and has rave reviews from the fitness industry. This is definitely something you and your partner can do together.

zumba fitness dvd perfect christmas present for a lady

7. Yoga classes

– if you think she could do with a little quality ‘me’ time, then a yoga retreat is a thoughtful gift. She will leave stressed and frazzled and return from the class relaxed and ready for all that 2014 can throw at her.

yoga class perfect christmas present for a lady

8. Cellulite massager

– this is a Christmas present that might sound a bit cheeky, but it is secretly what so many women want. That little bit of cellulite that no amount of diet or exercise can shift will ease away with a cellulite massager.

cellu-light machine perfect Christmas present for a lady

9. Hand-held weights

– we all know that a lot of women shy away from weights, but actually they are a great way to tone up and lose weight. Dumb bells or kettlebells are particularly good for a range of exercises. Equally, a band is a really useful accessory as it can be taken anywhere, so work trips or regular travel will no longer mean she cannot get her daily exercise.

dumbells for lady perfect christmas present

10. GPS watch

– if she likes running or cycling, then this is the gift for her. She can monitor time, distance, pace and a host of other statistics but, most importantly, she will know where she is! And if she is anything like the Watchfit team, then that is invaluable.

81yMemIoXSL._SL1500_perfect christmas present for lady




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