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Parisa Louie - Founder and CEO of WatchFit
Ina Gutowska - Fitness & Personal Trainers
Kate Staples - Fitness Professional
Jim Cleveland - NSCA  CSCS
Caroline Keddie - Founder of Wellblocks and a qualified Sports and Clinical Remedial Injury Therapist
Henry Van der Walt - Elite Personal Trainer and Biokineticist
Dr. Paul Henning, cscs, cissn - metabolic nutrition online coach
Gloria Halim - Health and Lifestyle coaches
Dean Griffiths - The Soul whisperer
Frank Cosenza MA CSCS - Fitness & Personal Trainers
Michael Keane - Strength Coach
Lovell Richards - Fitness & Personal Trainers
John Monteleone - Personal Trainer | Kinesiologist
Midgie Thompson - Mental Performance and Lifestyle Coach
Pollyanna Hale - Health and Lifestyle coaches
Neil Paterson - Personal Trainer
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