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Michael Keane

Strength Coach
Health and Lifestyle coaches

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  • St Louis, MO, United States
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About me
Michael is a strength coach who specializes in functional strength, fat loss and athletic performance.
He has a degree in Kinesiology, is CSCS certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Certified K-12 P.E and Health in Missouri.
Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Michael moved to St Louis in 2002 to play soccer and now co-owns his own functional training facility
called Defining Natural Ability (DNA).
He believes when it comes to a healthy lifestyle it is a mind, body and spirit commitment to become the best version of yourself.
If you have any questions or concerns comment below or email me and I’ll get back to you.
You can also set up an appointment for 2 Complimentary sessions at DNA.
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  • Irene Schodrowski

Mike's vast knowledge and methods were life changing for me! Best trainer I've ever worked with.

  • Shawn Dryden

Mike is an excellent trainer. He has a research driven approach and is constantly looking for the best information to share with his clients to improve many different aspects of their life. Mike is the first trainer I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to become a better version of themselves.

  • Jaclyn Sara

No words could possibly suffice to articulate how Mike has changed my life. In addition to making me a stronger, healthier, more athletic version of myself, he has also made me a better human being. I am immeasurably grateful for everything he has done over the past three years; he is my motivational speaker, my coach, my ass-kicker, and my #1 fan. He is a lifelong student whose constant thirst for knowledge drives him to be at the top of his game 100% of the time. Whenever I have experienced a change in circumstance (e.g., being diagnosed with a thyroid condition) or injury (e.g., nerve "tweak" in my foot), Mike has been there with useful articles, videos, and tidbits that are tailored specifically to me. If you have a special condition or limitation, he will do everything he can to learn about it and provide you with the best care possible. This extends far beyond fitness; he is an expert on nutrition and the mind-body connection as well. Contacting Mike will be the best decision you ever make for yourself. It certainly was for me!

  • Gail LaRose

Michael is an incredible trainer and overall person . He truly cares about his clients and is very knowledgeable in health and fitness. The day I was introduced to Michael, was one of the best days of my life. He has helped me achieve my goals and continues to support me.

  • Olivia Harman

Mike is the best trainer I've ever worked with. He cares about helping Clients to succeed and push themselves in healthy ways. He is ~on top~ of research related to physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Casey Payne

Mike is the best trainer I have ever known. He really cares about his clients and truly wants them to excel. He truely is the best trainer I could ask for and wouldn't be where I am today without him.

  • Taylor Williams

Far and away the best trainer I ever had. Workouts are never boring and customer service is number one in Mike's book! I started with Mike 3 years ago and still can't see myself training with anyone else.

  • Virginia Green

Top-rated coach in the health and fitness industry. Mike excels at what he does. I highly recommend!!

  • Christie Hemminghaus

Great trainer who honestly cares about his clients health. If you give it all you have, he will in return help you with every aspect of your life. I am becoming a better version of myself because of Mike.

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