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Barry and Laura Ash

Health and Lifestyle coaches

(from 8 reviews)
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About me
We are Rock Solid – Barry and Laura Ash – Husband and wife super team! Everybody now a days seems to have a “busy” lifestyle. So how do you possibly fit in the time to eat healthy and exercise!? Thats where we come in. Our passion is to be able to create healthy lifestyle for everyone who says they don’t
have the time…..

The direct correlation between having a healthy body and mind is something that is a very powerful asset to have in your life, which is something that not just our clients experience but of course personally too.

As Health and Fitness Coaches helping this industry we help people to live a life of balance. A healthy lifestyle, physically, and mentally. We are personal trainers, nutritionist specialists and body transformation coaches all rolled into one. We are specialist in what we do and have transformed our clients bodies, and lives through exercise, nutrition and mind set. Making our clients see that it can be done!

We believe in 3 key principles to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise everyday
2. Eating the right food
3. The right Mindset

When all 3 of these work in harmony with each other you get balance, which equals a healthy lifestyle!

Rock Solid was born from our own personal experience with health and fitness. In 2009 Laura was diagnosed with a mental health disorder - Bi Polar and OCD. The combination of exercise, eating and discovering a good and healthy mind set combined helped her to manage her condition while living a healthy lifestyle. It was because of this combination and the control it gave her that caused Rock Solid to be born. To help others live a healthy lifestyle, feel confident, in control of their lives and empowered.
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  • Guy Holland

Laura & Barry are ultimate duo when it comes to training, engaging and inspiring! They really know their stuff, they have such interesting backgrounds and they are so committed to making sure poeple achieve proper results and learn lifelong lessons in the process.

  • Clare McCaffrey

I have been working with Rock Solid for a month but have known of them for about 7 months. I am so pleased to have them helping me get what I want out of my body whilst focusing the mind at the same time. They are hugely supportive, always positive and know the answer to every question I throw at them (which is quite a few). I can honestly say they are worth every penny and I'm already seeing results and feeling so much better.

  • Zena Cooper

I've known Laura & Barry for a few years & have been on their 6 week & 16 week programmes. The results you can achieve with their support is amazing. Their guidance, motivation & support is outstanding and this with their incredible knowledge means you really do get a expert personalised service. Nothing is too much trouble & you never feel judged if you do slip up. They really know how to help you make life long improvements to your health, fitness and work/life balance.

  • Jayne

Well what can I say about Laura and Barry. I have been on a journey with these two for just over 3 months, and oh my god I'm glad I found them! They bring a new lease of life, bring you focus, and work you hard And they are the most genuine people I have met!

  • Angela Hegarty

I have been working with laura and Barry for the last 10 months. Their ethos of movement, food and Mindset is truly amazing and their dedication and commitment to each client goes above and beyond. They genuinely want you to succeed and to become the best you can and you really do feel that when you work with them! I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say working with them has changed my life for the better.

  • Brenda Sewanywa

I''ve only known Laura and Barry for a few weeks. So far I've come to know that they really pay special attention to all their clients, and treat everyone as an individual. You can also see that they are passionate about what they do and are knowledgeable in their fields. I think they are awesome, genuine and I look forward to continuing my lifestyle transformation with them. :)

  • Sam Ritzen

Fabulous team to work with, I completed a 14 week programme and made massive changes that affected many aspects of my life not just my weight and fitness levels. You're in great hands

  • mitch ault

Laura and Barry are superb, they know their stuff! Highly motivating, and genuinely care about their clients achieving their full potential!

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