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Pollyanna Hale

Health and Lifestyle coaches
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Pollyanna is only 8 articles away to achieve WatchFit’s official Contributor badge for publishing 8 high quality articles in the last 12 months.
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About me
Polly is an online health and fitness coach specialising in women who want to lose fat, get stronger, and improve their energy levels.
A Personal Trainer with additional Nutrition certifications and a background in dance, Polly adores cooking and creating healthy recipes for her clients.
Polly helps women get in shape and feel great whatever their life circumstances, providing at-home support when
childcare or work means getting to the gym is impossible.
Polly is the Author of 'Eat Drink and Be Slim', which has a fantastic foreword by TV Dietician Faith Toogood and is available on Amazon and as a no-nonsense approach for anyone struggling to understand why they're not losing weight.
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  • Guy Holland

Pollyanna is such an inspiring lady, she does so much, makes so much happen and still has time to ba a fabulous Mum. She is a wonderful trainer and makes you realise what can be achieved in a day/week/month..!

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