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Lovell Richards

Fitness & Personal Trainers

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About me
Lovell is a fully accredited R.E.P.S registered level 3 advanced personal trainer. Passionate about the fitness industry, he has worked with a 100's of clients ranging from the general public to celebrities. Not one to be boxed in by theory and script, his approach and methods are vastly creative, spontaneous and experimental whilst adhering to the basic principles of goal
setting and targets.

A fitness professional since 2009 and qualifying through the YMCA, Lovell strongly believes that a committed mind, body and soul are what are required to achieve excellence. Talented from an early age, he has participated in many sports activities. However most of his success came from track and field in the sprint events in his junior years. In his teens he spent a 2 years studying the martial art Tang Soo Do, but this was halted due to a repetitive injury. He took up weight training aged 18 has been involved with the gym and fitness throughout his life.

His desire for self development and knowledge about how to improve and optimise the body is what has led him to become an instructor and mentor in fitness. He is inspired by great athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt. Their unique approach to their talent has caused them to become arguably the highest achievers in their field and transcend their sport/discipline.

Lovell's aim is to affect as many lives as possible through fitness and help people reach their goals. He has a rich back catalogue of training experience & techniques, coupled with academic knowledge.

He is also a competing fitness/muscle model and currently competes for the Miami Pro federation. His physique and fitness have also landed him in roles as an acting supporting artist on blockbuster movies. He has been cast in military roles and body doubling.
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