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Laine d'souza

Personal trainer, gRoup fitness Coach
Health and Lifestyle coaches

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  • Lady Lake, FL, United States
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About me
I truly believe we have the power and the choices to create ourselves and our lives. I have been down and out with nothing and have also been top of the world with the NYC fitness Industry at my feet to back to ground zero...
I was bon in Hong Kong, went to school in England and graduating from The
University Of Wales with a BA. With a very English mama and a Indian Portuguese Dad I grew up with Family and sports being a very important role in my life. Playing Semi Pro Field Hockey and pushing myself beyond limits was a state of normalcy for me and being uncomfortable was my standard.
I moved to New York City at 21, not knowing a soul but was determined to be an Actress. Which is exactly what I did, traveling with a National Shakespeare Company. After being very uncomfortable on tour, I decided I need stability and a permanent place to call my home. I began Personal Training for a highly trendy Gym with the best group fitness classes in the country, Crunch. I also taught at prestigious gyms like Equinox and Flywheel with private high profile clients. I have been in the NYC fitness Industry for 20 + years. NASM certified and ISSA certified in Personal Training, Baron Baptiste Power Yoga and Stott Pilates Trained, L1 CrossFit Certified and a whole bunch of other pretty certs which ultimately translate to nothing if I cannot change your body or help you achieve your goals. I decided to Leave NYC with my family to start our own Fitness Retreat in Costa Rica. Sadly due to unfortuate tragic circumstances and a very ugly custody battle I found myself in a life lay over in a retirement community in in a small town in Florida. Here I co-created a CrossFit and Wellness Studio with so many more tests I decided to move forward and help reach a larger mass of people to help change their bodies with my own Online Training Business.
As a Coach, I am challenging, yet nurturing, my workouts are motivating and will reap you results. Combined with the right nutrition, I inspire people to eat to fuel thier bodies to support their ultimate goals. By understanding muscular imbalances, and making peoples' weaknesses their strengths, knowing the importance of build a strong core which translates into everyday living a functional fitness which equals results. I make peoples' goals a reality.
I Understand struggle, betrayal, emotional paralysis, loss and I also understand tenacity, dedication, willpower resiliance and to not give up on yourself, your family and your dreams. Through movement and exercise we can build strength from the inside out to live the life we love.
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  • FB

Laine was my trainer in NY for a number of years. She changed the way I perceived fitness by really solidifying the mind-body-spirit connection. She will push you, with compassion, love and generosity, and always make sure you have a new goal, a new challenge to face and overcome. I referred her to people all the time while she was in NY, and she worked with each person based on what their bodies and minds and spirits needed at the time with incredible results to show at the end of it. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Shannon Carlyle

Laine is an amazing person and trainer. She puts her heart and soul into her clients and truly cares about her clients' wellbeing and health - both physical and emotional. I cannot recommend her more highly.

  • Bryan Baker

Laine is by far one of the greatest trainers I have ever met, bar none. She truly has an amazing understanding of kenisology and how to relay to the client what she wants them to do for max performance. She has worked with everyone from teens to 80+ year olds and all praise her abilities. Top it off with a nutrition plan that leads to results, she is a coach that will hold you responsible and get you to the goals your looking for. I highly recommend her to Anyone who is serious about getting in shape the right way!
Bryan Baker
Owner Section 8 CrossFit
15 years as a fitness trainer/coach

  • Lyn-Genet Recitas

Laine is not only an incredible and motivational instructor, she is fun, engaging and truly cares about you having the best health and body. I could not think of anyone else i would love to train with!

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