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Katie Keene

Personal Trainer

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About me
Katie is a personal trainer who specializes in beginner's weight training and fitness nutrition. She has a Master's Degree in Sports & Fitness Administration and currently works in corporate fitness. Katie has worked with a variety of clients, from recreational athletes to the morbidly obese. She believes that fitness translates perfectly into life philosophies on hard work,
overcoming fear, discipline, and determination. Katie loves spreading her knowledge and strongly encourages you to ask questions or leave comments in the comments section. Katie is an amateur figure athlete and has competed in multiple shows, taking second place at her first show.
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  • James Fleming

I have been working with Katie, for just over a year. I have seen a big improvement in my fitness, and my health and my overall approach to working out. I have had my ups and downs, like with everything in life, and Katie has been with me, supporting me through it all. Sometimes when I am doing a workout with Katie, I think back to the times when I was not able to do an exercise very well, and all of the progress that I have made. She is a big reason for the progress. She has helped me learn about working out, and about nutrition, and about planning for events, and she has helped me deal with injuries. Whenever I have a question, she answers it right away. If you are looking for a trainer to help you, the best advice I can give, is to contact Katie Keene. You can not go wrong if you start with the best, and Katie is the best.

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