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Henry Van der Walt

Biokineticist And elite personal trainer
Health and Lifestyle coaches

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About me
Henry is a well respected rehabilitation, golf conditioning and weight management expert who works holistically with his clients to ensure a positive outcome. He has BSc degrees in Physiology and Human Movement Science and also an Honours BSc degree in Biokinetics.
His motto is through efficient movement your quality of life improve, through a holistic approach to training focusing not
just on the physical but also the person and their environment to achieve optimal results.
He has worked successfully with a verity of clients in two continents in his career spanning more than two decades.

Please leave comments for him or if you want to book a consultation please do not hesitate contact him!
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  • Louise

Henry has changed my life for the better. He has been my personal trainer and injury recovery specialist for the last 10 years.

Due to many sports injuries and a serious accident I was in constant pain. It was impossible for me to function normally. I gained allot of weight because I couldn't move. The extra weight set off a chain reaction...the pain became worse the heavier I got so I moved even less; my cholesterol and blood pressure shot up and as a result my overall health was rapidly declining. This harmed my mental state and had a huge negative impact on my performance at work and my interactions with friend and family.

Henry is a true professional. He set up a recovery plan for us to follow that would address all the underlying causes of my pain and associated loss of movement. Being healthy and pain free is the most precious gift and It did not take him long to get me to the point where I felt fantastic again. I chose to remain a client so that I can continue to benefit from his wealth of knowledge. Continued sessions are helping me to maintain the good results whilst working towards aging healthily. Thank you Henry for sticking with me and for managing my recover and continued health in a stellar fashion!

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