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Emma Pietrzak

Fitness & Personal Trainers
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About me
Emma Pietrzak was born on January 30th, 1986 in the small town of Waterford, PA and has resided in Las Vegas since 2009. Emma’s passion for helping others began early in her life and manifested later on into a career path focused on health, wellness, and making the world a better place.

Emma has over 12 years of experience in the
fitness industry and cares deeply about giving back and having a positive impact on the world and everyone she has the honor of working with daily. After graduating with a degree in exercise science, she received her Personal Trainer Certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and began working in the corporate fitness environment. She had the honor of working for the prestigious Professional Fitness Institute in Las Vegas alongside some of the industry’s most well-renowned leaders and celebrities where she worked closely with the NSCA Certification Organization, helped create and run a successful Las Vegas-based networking group for health and fitness professionals, and later became the youngest person to be in a Director position through her management company, WTS International, where she helped head the leadership team at DragonRidge Tennis and Athletic Center in Henderson (and their other 3 properties in Las Vegas). Having discovered CrossFit in 2009, she received her Level 1 Instructor credential in 2012 as well as other skills (including Level 1 and 2 KFIT Kettlebell Trainer Certifications) and uprooted from the corporate world in 2013 in order to exercise her ‘entrepreneur-muscle’ in areas of the industry that weren’t widely accepted yet but that she felt were too important to ignore.

Soon after, she realized the missing link to helping people one-on-one: bodywork. She spent the last few years attaining all 3 credentials to become a Fascial Stretch Specialist and works regularly with individuals in and out of McCarran providing pain relief and a better quality of life with this revolutionary form of bodywork.

This and more has led her to this point where she is now: A part of the ZEROlevel and Corporate Performance Leadership Team serving as the Director of Wellness Programs, which includes over-seeing the personal training programs and staff as well as the pain relief program. She also is the founder of the Random Acts of Kindness Project (RAOK Project) which is currently gaining momentum here in Las Vegas with the end goal of it spreading to other areas of the country/world. She also helps lead the team at Straight Flush CrossFit in Mountain’s Edge area in Las Vegas.

Emma is passionate about helping others and positively changing the world, and she is excited to have the opportunity to spread this message and philosophy within the McCarran Airport and ZEROlevel Fitness and Wellness community. She hopes that by doing the ‘impossible’ each day with this mission, others will be inspired and influenced. to follow this movement and help create a community, culture, and world where great health, happiness, and kindness are the new currency and way of being.
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