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Davide Alfonsi

Health and Lifestyle coaches

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  • London, United Kingdom
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About me
David Alfonsi is a high performance coach based in London Uk.
During his young years he has been through obesity, depression, party addiction and drugs abuse. He lived a crazy life working as model, stripper, dancer and entertainer in celebrity clubs. But pushing through the limits of his body led him to the worst possible scenario. He got close to
death after losing 2l of blood from his intestine during a party and fainted. Doctors had to undertake an emergency surgery to cut his stomach in half and remove the cause of the bleeding. That experience changed him profoundly. Experiencing death led him to reconsider his highest values and the true meaning of life. He found in mindfulness and fitness the answer to a radical shift that was mostly needed. Today Davide is dedicating his life to helping people transform their lives. Along his new coaching career he has worked with UK top 500 celebrities, city CEOs, TV presenters, successful entrepreneurs and world famous musicians. His energy and spirituality combined to his skills in fitness and nutrition helped him deliver incredible results to his clients consistently.
At the young age of 26 he founded his first company and invented the Ki-force method: a five step system to change your mindset and use fitness to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Davide is today working with clients of every background and actively publishing material to help as many people as possible with his coaching.

For more info and contacts visit
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  • Guy Holland

Davide is a really haard working and well informed trainer. I've loved reading his material here at WatchFit.

  • Philippe Fraser

Davide is an excellent trainer. Knows how to get into your head to keep you motivated and on track

  • David Alfonsi

Excellent and interesting

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