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Colleen Holiday

Personal Trainer

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About me
Colleen Holiday is a passionate Author, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach who travels far and wide—primarily from the The Rock and Roll Capital of the World to the City of Angels. Throughout the span of nearly three decades, Colleen has been specializing in the betterment of women’s lives. Currently, she is the proud Founder of “You Only Stronger,” utilizing her
various areas of expertise to empower women by providing top-notch personal training (online and in-person), nutritional coaching, beauty services, group support, and so much more.

Education-wise, Colleen possesses her B.A. and Master's level continuing education in Psychology. She also has numerous accreditations, including Certified Personal Trainer And Corrective Exercise Science with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a certification in Nutrition with AFFA and she also is an Ohio Certified Paralegal (Animal Welfare). Additionally, she received her Business Management Certificate.

While Colleen’s main passion is helping women over 30 feel awesome, she also has another passion that’s just as important: Animals. She donates a portion of her business solely for their support (rescues and advocacy). She gladly gives her expertise on plant based nutrition which is the basis of her nutrition guidance.

With a ninety percent success rate when it comes to improving her client’s overall health and self-esteem, you can be part of that majority—and deserve to be. Total life transformation awaits! www. You can contact Colleen at
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