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Alex Agerholm

Fitness & Personal Trainers
Health and Lifestyle coaches

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  • Teddington, England, United Kingdom
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About me
As a qualified Personal Trainer and Online Coach I always strive to help my clients in the best way possible. To me a healthy body is neccesary to get the energy you need to succeed, both worklife and in your personal life.

I teach my clients to build the habits they need and so they can gain independence and control over
their own life. I give them the knowledge so they know WHY they are changing their habits and what gains they will get by doing so.

I have been a PT and coach for over 7 years and always take an individual approach to my clients. I always try to keep up to dat with knowledge and Im always eager to learn, somethin my clients benefit vastly from!
I am also very direct and honest and always gives my clients what they need. I will call them out if they create excuses and will help them find a solution to whatever situation they find themselves in.

I have helped a lot of clients lose weight, build muscles and get the energy and confidence to succeed. I always work with the mindset first. The wrong mindset can kill even the best intentions. And it can kill your confidence. So I dont care where you feel that you aren't measuring up, Im gonna get you there. If you need confidence with clients, collegues or in the bedroom then you can get it.

If you want to:
- Lose weight.
- Build muscles.
- Get toned.
- Get lean.
- Get your head in order.

Then contact me and lets get started!
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  • Milo Pedić

Alex Creates a robust training routine that incorporates physical exercise in combination with mental image development. His plans are personalised to cater individual needs and to work around their busy schedules. Highly recommend him for all your strength and fitness needs!

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