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Mike Trott

Fitness & Personal Trainers

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About me
Mike is a national and international award winning consultant trainer specialising in sports exercise physiology and exercise biomechanics, along with sports psycology and general health and wellbeing. He has a degree in Sports Science and has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. Mike has worked with many different clientele, including world record holding athletes and international level
rowers. He believes that quality exercise education is the key to a population with less obesity and preventable injuries. You can email Mike with any questions you may have. Mike has also conducted academic research into foam rolling physiology and has been a guest speaker on BBC radio many times, and has also presented on international fitness DVDs both in the UK and across the globe.
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  • Allison Richardson

About 2 years ago I attended my first Body Attack Class I was very overweight and very unfit. It happened to be the launch of the class so I was very out of my depth. Luckily Mike was one of the trainers doing a team teach and he focused on me and made sure I knew what the lower options were. He got me to the end of the class and now Body Attack is one of my favourites. Mike is so energetic and enthusiastic in classes you want to push yourself because the energy he gives off is infectious. He is a constant support and sends me motivational messages when he knows I should be in class. Thanks Mike for keeping me going on this long old path to of weight loss and better fitness.

  • Bagir Agaev

First time I've met Mike, he had to kick me out of BodyPump class, as reception forgot to put my name on the list.

Mike always has a great advice. He loves what he's doing and always very enthusiastic and full of energy.

  • Nathalie Walker

Two and a half years ago I was out of shape, drinking too much, exercising too little and feeling like I had lost my athletic mojo. And then I went to one of Mike's group fitness classes and I've never looked back.

He's a really understated individual when you meet him in real life, and genuinely lovely. His passion for fitness is obvious, and it's great that he adds to his excellent teaching skills with a really strong background in sports science. If someone is raving about the latest fad Mike will provide a really balanced perspective of whether or not there is science behind the hype, and if it is something he doesn't know about he'll go away and research it.

I definitely recommend him for advice on exercise, nutrition and all things fitness related. I've seen him work his magic on people totally new to exercise, and then to totally beast more experienced people who want to be better.

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