These days, our hectic lifestyles and financial constraints make it difficult to participate in regular exercise and Yoga classes, never mind packing your gear, maybe even loading up the kids, and then driving to the local gym or club.

Beginners may also feel intimidated by the seemingly effortless Yoga poses and work by the instructor and class members whose body’s seem to flow from one pose to the next with near perfection. Take heart, there are yoga poses you can do at home that will help you transition to a class structure.

Getting Started

In order to get the most out of your new Yoga practice, establish some goals for yourself and plan ahead. At first, set aside at least 30 minutes, remove distractions such as the phone, put on some relaxing music, and do not eat for at least an hour before.

You may want to watch a video or attend a class to familiarize yourself with the flow, and discuss any medical problems or constraints with your medical practitioner.

Yoga gear is fairly inexpensive and there are things around the house that you can substitute for Yoga mats, blocks, and straps such as blankets, pillows, and a belt or tie.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing, take your time, breathe as normally as possible, and try to hold all poses for 1 minute without too much straining.

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5 Best Beginner Yoga Home Poses

Mountain Pose/Tadasana:

–    Tones the entire body, improves balance, posture, and the beginning of many poses
–    Stand with feet together or hip width apart, arms down along the sides of your body
–    Weight is spread evenly across both feet
–    Spread and lift your toes and bring the big toes together
–    Inhale and lift your buttocks and tail bone but do not squeeze
–    Tighten your thighs and rotate inward so that the knees lift upward
–    Try to bring your shoulder blades together

Chair Pose/Utkatasana:

–    Strengthen hips, thighs, shoulders, opens the chest, improves range of motion in ankles
–    Start in Mountain Pose, inhale and raise both arms straight up above your head
–    Bend your knees, and as you exhale lower thighs close to parallel to the floor
–    Without pushing your ribs forward, draw your elbows back towards your ears
–    Try to shift some of your weight into the heels or the back of both feet
–    Take regular breaths working towards trying to lift the toes

Downward Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana:

–    Increases strength, circulation, and flexibility throughout the body
–    Starting on the floor, kneel with knees right under your hips
–    Straighten your arms, do not lock your elbows, with hands just ahead of shoulders
–    Tuck in your toes, turn your hands out a little, and spread your fingers
–    As you exhale, lift both knees up from the floor (knees remain slightly bent)
–    Press your chest towards your legs while you lift your hips upward to the ceiling
–    Focus your gaze on your toes and try to press both heels into the floor

Butterfly Pose/Badhakonasana:

–    Increases flexibility in the groin, inner thighs, knees, and may help with digestion
–    Sit tall with legs out in front
–    Bend knees and while bringing feet in toward the groin try to touch the soles of the feet
–    Grab your feet with both hands and continue to sit tall
–    Inhale and try to lower the thighs and knees to the floor
–    Gently press by lowering the upper body and use the elbows to push on thighs
–    Release, and with regular breaths, slowly flap the legs up and down

Child’s Pose/Balasana:

–    Stretches the low back, shoulders, hips, and legs.
–    Extremely relaxing and nurturing
–    Kneel and lower your buttocks toward your heels with big toes touching
–    Lay the upper body forward with your stomach down along your thighs or in between
–    Lengthen your back and neck while you position your arms beside you on the floor
–    With palms up allow your shoulder blades to open as you take long, deep breaths

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