Having trouble getting workouts in to maintain your health because you are working all of the time?  Tired of those nagging little aches and pains?  Suffer from headaches? Try these time saving moves right at your desk to help you live a higher quality life. Workout at work and maintain progress in between your visits to the gym.

Not only will you feel better, short breaks during the day will help you focus better on your work and increase your productivity.

Exercises and stretching at your desk

Workout at work_2

1) While sitting in your chair, move slowly so you can feel the muscles on the top of your thigh contract to extend your legs so your knees are locked.
Hold for two seconds at the top.  Contract the muscles on the back of your thighs to bring your feet back to the floor.
Bring them down so the heels come behind your knee.  When your heels touch the floor, contract hard and hold for two seconds.
Repeat 10 times.

2) Hold your feet off the floor.
Contract your calf to point your toes.
Move your foot slowly in a circle pulling the toes back towards your shin at the top of the circle and pointing them at the bottom.
Perform 10 repetitions and repeat with the other leg.

3) Grab the edge of the desk.
Using your back, pull yourself in as close to the desk as you can pinching the shoulder blades together.
Push yourself back to arms length and repeat 10 times.
While sitting in a comfortable position, perform 10 shoulder circles.

4) With your arms at your side, lift the directly away from your body until they are parallel to the floor.
Contract the muscles as hard as you can.
Perform 10 repetitions. Let your arms hang at your side. Turn the palms so they face up.
Curl your arms up so your hand moves towards your shoulder.
Turn the palms down and press them back to a straight position.
Perform 10 repetitions.

5)  Sitting in an upright position, contract your abdominals and press your lower back against your seat back.
Hold as long as possible. Repeat 10 times.

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