Working out becomes so much easier when you have music you can relate to.

Some choose hardcore rap, other rock, but I like to listen to music that helps unleash my inner sexiness!  Fitness becomes something different, it becomes motivation to become someone you want to become, but are maybe shy to be.  Music always opens the door to new possibilities so give this new playlist a try. Workout songs:

Booty- Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea


Rocket- Beyoncé

Disclosure featuring Sam Smith- Latch

Anna Lunov- All out

Martin Garrix- Animals

Dark Horse- Katy Perry featuring Juicy J

Come and Get it (remix)- Selena Gomez feat. Chris Brown, Rihanna & Ke$ha

Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty

BO$$- Fifth Harmony

10) Beg for it- Iggy Azalea

Whether you weight train or run for miles; listening to these songs while working out will easily allow you to get outside your comfort zone and push past your limits!  Enjoy.

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