Why do you workout?

Getting honest with yourself about this is the first step to get better results!

When working as a Personal Trainer, it is very important for me to know what motivates my clients. It is critical to find out what they enjoy and why they really want to adopt a training programme. It might be “My doctor has told me to”, “I really want to look good for my Summer holidays in two weeks”, “I need to lose some weight” or “It’s my New Year resolution”.


And then there are some who haven’t really thought about it too hard yet.

You may think it is not that important and what matters is just getting on with it. But I will tell you why answering this question is so crucial and how not being honest about it can be truly detrimental to your fitness journey!

Don’t get me wrong, getting started is always a good step, but not being honest with yourself will eventually lead you to quit.

Having that one ultimate goal and being fully aware of it will take you to successive new levels.

We all know about the huge numbers of people who join a gym on January 2nd each year. And more than half of them quit by end of February! They had a good intention and some genuine desire, so what happened? In my interviews with my clients I need to dig deep! “If you want to lose weight, you need to tell me exactly how much, why is it important to you and what will it change”.

It’s not unusual that after 15 to 20 minutes of conversation my clients ‘break down’, they are scared and they start to realise something.

That man who didn’t care, but his doctor told him to, now is opening up and saying he has a grandson, a little boy full of joy and energy; he wants to play with his boy, but he feels too old, he has a few health concerns and he’s always out of breath and this all is a barrier! So, can you see how much deeper this has gone?

There is a bigger picture than just “My doctor told me to”.

Another common scenario is “just to tone up”. But what does that really mean? You want to lose few pounds? Or is there a dress involved? You spent big money on a dress that just doesn’t fit quite right and you feel broken hearted!

In fact, the same might apply to more and more of your wardrobe. But I will tell you, digging deep into your goals and true motivation can feel raw, but that’s what you need to do! If you are never honest with yourself, how are you going to start and keep going? How are you going to make it a true lifestyle change?

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Just being honest with yourself is already reaching another level in your training!

And now there is nothing to stop you! When I first started going to the gym, I just wanted to get a little stronger, then I realised I really enjoyed it. The next step was realising I didn’t want to just be a little stronger, I wanted to look stronger! I wanted to look like those fitness girls I was seeing in all the monthly magazines.

And I even dared to dream becoming one of them one of them one day. Through this I enjoyed the process: the little bit of obsession I had always had, but now newly channelled, that strong determination allowed me to achieve my targets of looking and being stronger. And I did end up in national fitness magazines too!

However, regularly lifting heavy might not be your thing at all and you just want to lose a little bit of weight. You can approach it totally differently. Do some weights, some cardio, eat healthy and enjoy it!

If I kept believing myself in that first initial motivation and pursuing my goal to get stronger, it would eventually lead me to wanting to be a powerlifter! I love being in the gym and training for greater strength was great to get me going, but being honest with myself led to an adjustment and a different approach.

Please don’t ever feel superficial or shallow because your driving motivation to working out is just to look good!

Trust me, you are not in the minority, it is one of the main reasons for most of us!

Can you see now why it is so important to be honest with yourself? I hope I motivated you to sit down with a pen and paper, or your Iphone, and give this real thought and write things down! Be honest, write why you want to workout, ask yourself how important to you that is and plan how you are going to achieve this.

I promise you your results will sky rocket, because the motivation that you will get can be strong, powerful and unbreakable!

And if you are stuck, leave me a comment! I can help you with your programme or just give you the extra push we all need sometimes! But don’t ever quit, OK? Now that you have me and WatchFit with all this information and the great plans in the app, we are a team! We are in this together, one for all and all for one!

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