Workout boredom is one of the reasons for a weight loss plateau, not only from a physical but psychological point of view. Basic exercises like planks are great, but let’s face it – you can’t do them for a lifetime without getting very bored.

Here there are some quick workout boredom buster substitutes challenging the same muscle groups in different ways for more common body weight movements:


Boredom buster solution – air jack squats: That’s right, change up that typical squat by adding some plyometrics into the mix for a higher heart rate and more intense burn. By activating the arms you’ll engage more muscle groups which mean higher calorie burn!!

Start by performing a typical jumping jack like exercise but now when you jump up your legs go out AND come back in before you land….landing into a leg together squat. Explode back out of that squat right into your next jump repetition.


Boredom buster solution – balance lunges: Elevate back leg and perform same lung by dropping back knee towards the floor. You can also add a hop or even jump out of this position to add increased leg burn turning this slow body resistance exercise into more of a plyometric one for increased calorie burn.

Bent over rows

Boredom buster solution – upright rows: Switching from use of weights to now lying supine under a bar or rings. Pull yourself up to your chest. This can be made more challenging by lifting one leg at a time or even adding a little hop alternating legs as you pull for increased cardio burn.

workout boredom busters


Boredom buster solution – wide/close/alternating/decline/clapping variations. On every repetition switch between different pushup variations such as hands wide apart (wide) to hands close together (close) to right hand under shoulder with left hand under chest (alternating) to legs up on chair (decline) to explosively pushing off the floor to complete a clap in between repetitions (clapping).

There are dozes of pushup variations you can choose from to bust the exercise boredom of standard pushups!!

Be sure to progress into any new movement as you’ll find some of these challenging your body in ways it’s not use to. Careful with any of the plyometric movements if you have any joint issues as you don’t want to worsen any pre-existing condition or create a new one.

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Another great tool aside from changing the actual exercises would be to change up the actual workout. For example, if you are used to do doing 5 sets of 10 reps of each exercise…you can start inserting a run or row in between each set. You can also give yourself a timed goal to achieve if you currently are not timing your workout.

Goals are an important aspect to any training as they give you something to work towards and or show you where you have been and what you have accomplished to measure yourself against. You can also start changing the workout up completely to a regiment like ladders (1 rep of each, then 2, then 3…laddering up to a specific number, like 8).

You’ll find by changing up the way you do your workout even with keeping the same exercises, this will give your body ample variety and will help keep you challenged and engaged with your workouts! Ease into new movements, have fun and start sweating!!

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