As a long time gym goer 16 years and counting (thats me showing my age now) one thing has remained constant in my training -motivation. Over the years my motivation has had its peaks and troughs but through the hard times workout buddies have helped me prevail.

Lets talk about the different kinds of workout buddies. For the purpose of this article I’m gonna help you envisage them by naming them as aptly as possible.

The overlord

My first and not my favourite “the overlord”. Named as such due to the fact they will most likely be trying to oversee your program and never get too involved. The benefits of the “overlord” are mainly for beginners just a watchful eye over technique and teaching a few things here and there can be immensely beneficial to the novice gym goer.

As a work out buddy this is probably one of the more poor examples of the people around you to help. Avoid unless you really need the help! Overlords will mostly come in the following forms Personal Trainers, gym instructors, GP referral trainers and maybe a friend who thinks he knows it all.

The personal trainer

This is not to give gym staff a bad name and moves me into the next buddy “the good old personal trainer”. Now can personal trainers be gym buddies? Hell yeah as a personal trainer myself theres nothing I love more than getting stuck in with my client its motivational, its driving and most of all satisfying to see me and my client connect as it gets hard for us both.

I once upon a time needed the help of a personal trainer he was my friend and he is what got me started in the business he portrayed at a very early stage that done with passion and for the right reasons you can drive people to achieve anything they want.

I became a personal trainer to do just that and as workout buddies go I think I’m up there with the best. Doesn’t mean every personal trainer will be the same but once you find the one you click with don’t let them go they will be an asset to you’re training and development.

workout buddy_2

Mr good intention

Next up is “Mr good intention”. Now this guy he is the guy or girl I love to hate. Why you ask well its because if and when they turn up you will usually have a great session all the driving forces to make your workout are there. Now comes the big but, but they don’t show a lot, they have excuses for their excuses.

So many times I turned up for people and they have told me a time and then changed and changed and changed it to the point you either give up and go home or you go workout half heartedly. Avoid these people at all costs there are better buddies out there.

The wifey/hubby

“The wifey/hubby” easy to call your other half to action. So many positives to working out as a couple. You both want each other to do well to have bodies you can be proud off together. You will be driven to show off almost working harder due to the other person being there watching.

But there is a bad point you sometimes will get put off sexual tension can build due to the environment your in also any problems within the partnership can be exhasuibated.

Doesn’t make for good workouts if this is the case. Tread carefully here this can definitely be one of the most beneficial workout buddies but also one of the most devastating to your workouts.

That being said in my experience its one of the most wonderful experiences to see your partner succeed, I would highly recommend the “wifey/hubby” as one of your workout buddies.

In the end there are loads of different buddies you could have and its more down to you as a person at the end of the day to figure out who and what you need. Personally over the years I’ve had so many different and varied workout buddies that its been a pleasure to work with them all, each person has brought something different to the table.

In my humble opinion you shouldn’t need a workout buddy, everyone has it within themselves to be the best version of themselves. Go out and do it for yourself, plan B is for Buddy though grab one if you need the extra help, motivation and guidance then hit those goals you have set your sights on!

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