I have never believed that getting toned up is based on your genetics or genes. When people do not achieve what they want, there is always some excuse as to why, and usually it is someone else’s fault. Women building muscle is not as difficult as many may think. Each person is different and will progress at different rates than others.

Women building muscle requires challenging your muscles in different ways so that your muscle are  forced to increase and begin to tone more and more. As for genetics sabotaging our attempts toward toning our bodies, there is no valid proof to that–it is more of an excuse than anything.

Proof is found in those of us who are active and fit compared to most of our relatives. I am 5 feet 8 inches and 328 pounds of muscle, and no one else in any part of my family has ever been able to say the same. I am active, quick, strong, healthy and happy. My fitness wasn’t a result of merely lucky genetics, and there is no solid proof if any for that to be true for anyone else.


Women build muscle as a result of the amount and variety of resistance used, no supplements are necessary.  My clients, who are mostly women, and I myself a woman, have all had great muscle-building results with resistance training.

A program that works for one woman may not work for you. Try different things to see what may work, and be careful–you don’t have to use the same equipment. You can workout wherever and whenever as long as you make time to get the workout in.

Women getting toned up

You have to do more than workout. Also keep in mind that no one is able to out work terrible eating habits. The older we get the more difficult it is to decrease fat and keep it off. This is true for men and women. Some people struggle more than others, but we are not meant to be the same. Life would be boring if we were the same.

Base what you do on facts instead of whatever is popular at any given time. Hydration, stretching, healthy eating, fitness and rest are all part of what is needed to achieve every health and fitness goal that you have and it is better to start now compared to later.

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