Brrr…. It’s getting cold outside.

Nights are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and all signs increasingly point to winter.

This dawning realisation is not one of my favourite moments of the year but there’s no point moaning about something we cannot affect. Yet we can’t let this be an excuse for lethargy and comfort eating.


Suffering from summer blues?

The skip in your stride delivered in the spring and summer months of vibrant activity and your summer wardrobe physique must not all be discarded now.

We are not brown bears lumbering around the Appalachian Trail storing up for a long winter snooze!

Bad weather is no excuse for a bad diet

Sensible eating and the need to keep active will never be more important than over the coming weeks and months.  Don’t let the weather or darkness be a default excuse to forget this.

The good news is it doesn’t mean long hours of hard slog in miserable weather. Far from it. In fact short, sharp, energising bursts indoors without the need for much space or any clever equipment will work wonders.

Try this post summer workout

The following 8-10 minute post summer workout can be incorporated into your day easily and hopefully more than once! It will get the heart pumping, the blood flowing and the body toning:

Bodyweight squatsAdd hand weights if you like. If you don’t have weights a couple of bags of sugar or drinks bottles do the job perfectly well.

Wood chop: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Take a bag of sugar/bottle of drink (anything that represents reasonable but manageable weight). Hold in both hand and swing upwards high above one shoulder, then swing down diagonally low to the opposite side – as if chopping wood. Repeat for both sides.

Speed Squats: Drop down quickly, then slowly up and repeat. Then drop slowly and drive back up quickly, repeating.

Shoulder presses from kneeling position: Take those weights in each hand. Starting out shoulder height with palm grip facing forwards, press upwards, return and repeat. Doing this from a kneeling position creates a firm base, prevents swaying and too much of the body being involved.

Lunge presses: As you lunge forward on one leg, the opposite arm presses your weight upwards. Step back to upright and drop the arm, then repeat the other side.

post summer workout_2

Plank: Form a complete straight plank and hold. The slowly drop your knees to touch the floor and raise again. And repeat.

Press Ups: The old classic. Knees on the floor if that is what you can manage, otherwise use variety. Different hand positions, feet widths, one foot off the floor and hooked over the back of the other…So many variations to hit the body in so many beneficial ways.

Keep up the intensity

Move from one of these exercises to the next quickly. No dawdling! Increase the intensity depending on your level of fitness and add repetitions as you get fitter.

These 10 minute sessions will deliver vitality and shape your body all winter long. They are time and space efficient and can be done anywhere.

Wrap up and get outdoors

However nothing beats the great outdoors! Remember to wrap up and get outside whenever you can this winter! Autumn is a stunning time of year and provides views of nature at its most beautiful.

Outdoors activities might be shutting up shop for the coming winter, but don’t let this be an excuse for you to do the same thing! Enjoy the Autumn weeks and let’s use this time to build towards a healthy and active winter.

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