You can get fit in many ways if you are willing and able to try different things, and this includes computer and video games too.

With the lifestyle around these games being blamed for the issues of growing childhood obesity, diabetes and generally debilitating sedentary lifestyles, this might be contentious territory, but it needn’t be all negative!

You can get in shape with wii fit exercises and games depending on your capability and interest!

Personally I do not focus on these at all but I am aware of some of them and there was a boxing game my cousin had that I loved. I loved it because of the intervals and challenge of it. At that time I had not done anything like it, so with that experience for me I suggest boxing and tennis games, as long as you do not destroy your apartment or house, are engaging nad energising.

And there are others too – depending on whether you play with others or not any of the golf and hopefully any of the dancing games that I have heard about, can all hit the spot too.

Challenging your body differently is what will help you start to get in shape with wii fit exercises

Again playing different games at least one time per week depending on how many games you have and if you are able to do what the game requires you to do.


Again my personal preference would be boxing and dancing wii fit games. With boxing I love the opportunity to beat my time, trying to break as many punching bags as I can, trying to beat my own time and challenge myself to destroy more punching bags in less time. Boxing is great for self defense, fat burning and fun.

And when it comes to the tennis games these are fun, quite frantic at advanced levels and also lets you swing away any fursutration you may have built up that day. It’s not the real thing of course, but it gets you moving, gets the heart rate up and is fun!

wii fit exercises_2

And of course wii fit exercises and sports give you the option to challenge yourself or, if you prefer, play the game with at least one other person. For those who play the wii fit games I hope that you enjoy them and that they work for you.

But don’t depend on the games as your primary fitness regime!

They are fun and they can get you moving, your heart rate up, your blood flowing and some feelgood hormones flowing, but they are an addition to ‘conventional’ exercise, not a substitute!

Make sure to consult with a physician before playing the game(s) to prevent pain that should be avoided and/or injury. Drink at least 1 full cup water. Slow down or stop if needed to prevent vomiting or passing out. Stretch afterwards and rehydrate to prevent cramping and dehydration.

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