We are told time and time again that we cannot do the things we want to do

We can’t chase our dreams because we are too old, too fat, not strong or smart enough. For some these comments are to the detriment of their entire imagination and drive for success. They conform to the belief that they cannot achieve their dreams and give up before they even try. Others continue to strive for greatness despite the opinions of others. So what sets these types of people apart from each other? What motivates one but destroys another?

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Why Goal Setting is Important

You see, when you have a goal and vision for what you want to accomplish  you know where you are starting from, you know your destination and you know where you are going. And nothing can stand in your way!  Attempting to reach a goal is like deciding to set sail at sea. Have you ever heard of a ship setting sail without a destination?

Very unlikely!

Because it makes absolutely no sense to try and embark on a mission without having an idea of where you would like to land.  If you do not have a clear vision and end destination you will be caught drifting back and forth losing time and opportunity. Sometimes you may even give up, because you lost sight of why you started in the first place. Goal setting is important because it is the only way to achieve success. You need to discover your end game. After you have your vision you need to create your blueprint.

What are the steps required to meet your goal?

A goal without a plan is just a dream. You don’t need a dream. You need to break down your goal and figure out each and every step you will need to complete to reach your success. Once you have your blueprint it is a simple task of dedicating yourself to the process and assessing the result. You should not assume that the blueprint you developed for yourself will not require adaptation. It is going to require constant review and assessment to see that it is truly bringing you closer to achieving your goal.

Every day you need to ask yourself “Did my actions today bring me closer to achieving my goal?” If you have had too many “No” answers then more than likely you need to assess and adapt your blueprint and try something different. By doing this you are going to learn many great values and become a better person despite success or failure.

Everything that’s good in life is going to be a challenge. It is never going to be an easy ride. It is going to require every part of you to achieve success. Changes in life whether good or bad, will be somewhat frightening in the beginning. “What if” and “But” can become some of the most dangerous terms when setting out to achieve a goal. The fear of failure cannot outweigh the drive for success.  It is important that you train your mind not to fear failure, but instead to embrace it. You need to know within yourself that no matter what happens you are going to adapt, get back up and try again. The winner and the loser are both failures. The difference is the winner gets back up and tries again.

Know your goal, get a clear vision, don’t be afraid to fail and take the steps necessary day in and day out to achieve your inevitable success.

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