Weight training is a really important moment of the day to accomplish a fitness goal. That is the reason why you want to maximize your results by finding the best moment to workout. To get 100% of your training session you need to be at your best, both physically and mentally.

“When should I work out?” is worth figuring out to maximize your training. Would alternating your workouts from morning to afternoon to night have any positive or negative effects? One question many of us have probably wondered about is how the time of day can influence our performance in activities.

The human body has evolved to function and sustain itself automatically, so that the brain can devote more energy to higher-level everyday jobs. We have all adapted to cues in our environment that help our body trigger activation of certain systems and processes, while suppressing others.


The biggest environmental cue our bodies react to is light. The regulation of our physical systems based on time of day is referred to as our circadian rhythm. A lot is going on in our body that we don’t know about, but can affect our ability to maximize our workout. Hormone production, energy levels, pain tolerance, and body temperature can all affect the efficiency of our workouts.


Morning has the best potential for building muscle because testosterone is critical in protein synthesis and for rebuilding muscle fiber damaged in weight training. There is also greater mental focus, which may allow for greater mind-muscle connection and greater efficiency of muscle work done.

If your goal is fat lost, your body has not had much food to process yet so it can help you prevent fat storage. Exercise has shown to increase serotonin levels. By working out in the morning it can bring up your mood for the rest of the day.

By doing a workout in the morning, it will be out of the way, out of mind, that means less to worry and stress later in the day. Another advantage to train in the morning is that there is less people in the gym. That makes it easier to move around and have all the equipment you need.


Pain tolerance is highest. Late afternoon, adrenalin and body temperature has a rising trend.It is also a period with the greater mental/physical function balance.


If working out too late, this can affect your body’s natural time of slowing things down for sleep. More chance of being worn out after work, or other daily activities and that may after performance.

when should i work out

Gym is usually more busy in the evening and that makes it more difficult to get equipment and focus.

When should I work out?

Considering all the factors above, working out in the morning or mind afternoon would be the ideal. But not everybody can make it work with their schedule. Beside physiologic facts there is also personal factors to take to account that can make it difficult to train at a certain time.

I recommend after all to try different time in the day to see how you feel , which moment you find you give the best performance and that is the more convenient for you. Training at not the best time is better than not training at all. Important is to do your best no matter the moment of the day.

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