Hey fitness world it’s great to be back with you talking more training! You’ve heard from me on a variety of interesting subjects from fat burning techniques to efficient time effective circuits…

Here’s a topic slightly different though. How do you train well when you’re not in shape yet or need a motivational boost?

Well here are some great things to do and remember…


1) Don’t overestimate what you think your body would consider a good workout.

No matter what fitness level you are, the requirements for an effective workout are always simply to move and use your muscles aggressively enough to raise you heart rate higher than usual for longer than usual.

Any set of exercises can potentially get that done so don’t think your session isn’t legitimate just because you’re not moving mountains and flying around the gym. The body just needs to be challenged. It doesn’t care if it’s through the Olympic Games or rolling around on the floor!

2) Put value in the small adjustments to your routine.

Don’t always just look to make huge jumps when your workout gets stale or unchallenging. Drastic changes aren’t the only ones that mean something. Ex… Pushing to run those two miles 30 seconds quicker still says a lot about your effort.

Or, making it a point to do a round of burpees in between sets of just one of your exercises to introduce a little high intensity, is still a good start to adding flavor to your performance.

3) No matter how fit you are, there is always something more challenging you can aspire to…

what to do at the gym2

When looking for inspiration just remember the things you’re not satisfied with in your training… Exercises you haven’t hit your target reps in… Circuit times you want to complete faster…

Movements you’ve just recently become able to do just once or twice, that you want to get up to 5 in… Explosive or athletic things you would be proud to be able to do… And actually just the constant stimulus of learning different ways to train! Be excited to explore the world of training!

4) If you’re starting with a blank canvas remember item #1 and start with the following types of exercises…

Body weight squats or sitting and standing out of a seat… If not a light jog Just walking on a treadmill a little faster than you would to go to, say, the bathroom… Standard seated chest Press Machine instead of pushups for now…

Lying down with bent knees and hands on thighs and just lifting shoulders to slide hands up thighs towards knees…

In same lying position also try to lift feet up and down off floor keeping knees bent… These are all great ways to just strengthen and challenge the body with minimal technique and higher performance requirements just to start a habit of exercise!

So everybody use these tips and don’t feel overwhelmed or lose your steam! The body doesn’t care how you push it so long as you push it! Do it at whatever level you currently are at…

Also for those who don’t know how to generate new challenges and excitement, understand that training is just controlled movement. As a result of that fact it is an open book!

There is always a better, or stronger, or faster more challenging way to move the body to show and improve your overall performance ability.

Continue to think and be creative, and proud of ANY efforts you are making to strengthen yourselves, because the EFFORTS on their own are more than most do! Train hard and well, and please leave comments on this topic as well as any of my others! I look forward to working with you all in the future!

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