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Online personal training is having a whirlwind moment right now, and with good reason too! We’ve all come up with excuses from time to time but there is now an app to counter almost any excuse. There’s one for almost everything it seems!

So what is virtual training?

We haven’t quite got to the stage of having 3D holographic personal trainers who magically appear in our living rooms, telling us “to drop and give me 50” (though it probably isn’t far off!), but the main beauty about virtual training is you’re still held accountable to a program you’ve signed up for. If you’ve got an app such as the great one here at WatchFit, it can remind you when you’re due to workout and track your diet all from your phone. It’s in your pocket already!

If phone apps aren’t your thing, there are plenty of websites you can sign up to and log into on a regular basis as well as getting emails detailing what you need to do and when.

Your fitness wraps itself around your available time, rather than possibly having to juggle your free time to fit going to a gym or seeing a personal trainer in person.

What about Personal Trainers?

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Whilst virtual training is certainly a good solution for those who really don’t have much time available but are hugely motivated on their own to get their workouts done and stick to a diet plan, there are some things they can fall short of.

The human touch

There will certainly be less of a ‘human touch’ when it comes to building a relationship. If you have questions about your progress, or when you’re in a bit of a rut  (it happens and it’s perfectly normal!) there isn’t an option to have a chat about where you could look at to get back on track.

Next, formatted workouts and diet plans are great, but we’re all human and have various little differences that could give rise to the expertise of a personal trainer using their skills and training to adjust your training plan accordingly with you completely in mind.

Now in-person personal trainers do have their limitations too. Namely location: if a personable PT doesn’t live near you, the choice is to either travel to them or look for someone local instead.

Time constraints

If you want a one-to-one  training session and they’re in high demand you might not get a time that works for you or them. And finally cost: PT’s can seem like a luxury option as the price to be coached by one can vary and depending on your budget. It maybe that it is simply out of your budget.

Life also tends to get in the way when you have other plans, so you might need to reschedule or cancel sessions and this can become frustrating and disheartening no matter how motivating your coach is.

In conclusion

With a good internet connection, enough space to train and a good sized screen, virtual training can be seen as the Holy Grail solution. You get all the personalised benefits of a personal trainer and the cost is typically less than when you’d see them in person.

Further to this, online group coaching is becoming popular as you develop a friendship with other people who are on a similar journey to you. Questions can be shared as well as experiences and motivation.

If you’ve got to travel for work or your coach is taking a break, you can still keep training and be held accountable through a video call or a telephone call and an email. There’s literally no excuse anymore to tackle those little niggles and progressively get yourself into being a better version of your former self!

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