You been working out at the Gym every single day and you don’t see any progress or big transformation in your body, this means that you reached a plateau on you training routine.

Negative Training, or “negatives”, might sound, well….a bit negative. But don’t be fooled! They are completely positive when it comes to busting your plateau.

They have been used since the 70’s by the bodybuilders and other weight training athletes have incorporated them for added intensity, variety and as a way to break through training plateaus after being stuck at the same weight for some exercises.


Beating the plateau

Negative training involves loading the resistance above your maximum REP and only should be performed the exercise in eccentric movement (at least 105% of your max rep), so you will need the help of a Personal Trainer or a workout partner for the concentric part.

This doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do a negative training without a partner, in this case you have to choose exercises that don’t need help and you also can change a bit the concept of the negative training. If you are working out alone use 70-80% of your max rep and execute the exercise 3 times and 5 reps with the eccentric with the speed of 6 to 15 seconds.

Eccentric exercise is often used in rehabilitation and physical therapy. Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage uses eccentric exercise. Eccentric exercise may also be recommended for the elderly to build muscle strength while not taxing the heart and lungs and strengthening may be used in hope of reducing the risk of Achilles tendonitis and calf strain.

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If you want to challenge yourself and take your gains to another level try the negative training once a week with a full body workout.

What is going to happen to your body with the negative training?

With this method of training you will be able to recruit more fast twist muscle fibers, predominantly responsible for muscular size, work the entire joint structure improving the range of motion and stability. Also because of the eccentric predominance of the training will stimulate natural muscle building growth hormone production.

Guidelines for when workout alone:
• Use a full body dynamic movement warm up
• Use 70 to 80% of your max rep
• Execute 3sets of 4 to 6 reps
• Rest 45 seconds between sets and 60 second between exercises
• Repetition tempo: as fast as you can on the concentric phase and 6 to 15 seconds on eccentric phase
• For optimal result allow 24-48 hours or more for adequate recovery

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