A 6 step guide to weight training

Things you must know and be able to do, to incorporate a weight or strength training program into your lifestyle. Weight/strength training is for almost everybody, men and women of all ages and children. We all understand the benefits of weight training. (If you don’t, here are some of them)

1. Muscular efficiency and coordination

At the beginning of every program your body has to adjust to new movements and stimulus. This new patterned stimulus creates proprioception (a sense of position of body parts employed in movement) which in turn creates muscular efficiency and coordination.

2. Increase bone density

By loading the skeleton (weight training) we compact or condense the bone which makes the bones denser which slows the inevitable. Osteopenia, osteoporosis etc.

3. Strength

Everybody wants to be stronger, right?

4. Decreased risk of injury

By developing muscular efficiency and denser bones when we fall we will be less likely to do as much damage. Compared to if we were not muscular efficient with better bone density.

5. Increase muscle mass

The more muscle mass we gain the more we increase our metabolism (Metabolism is the sum total of catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism meaning lifting weights which breaks down muscle and anabolism meaning the growth and repair of said muscle after the fact). Oh yeah, and aesthetics. We simply look better with muscle.

6. Higher RMR

With increased muscle mass comes increase RMR, (Resting Metabolic rate) the amount of calories we burn calories at rest which accounts for about 70% of our daily caloric expenditure.

The rule that oversees all rules!!! Don’t copy anybody else in the gym because odds are they are doing it wrong! Now that that is out of the way, let’s get you rolling.

6 Steps to take in order to start your program that can be adap ted to all levels.

1. Set a goal

You must have a goal that is SMART.

2. Develop a plan

Even if you are new to training, have a plan of what you are going to do. Otherwise you’ll be that person that wanders around the gym jumping on random machines getting nowhere fast.

a)     Movements to be incorporated into that program


Lower body pull

Lower body push

Upper body vertical pull

Upper body vertical push

Upper body horizontal pull

Upper body horizontal push



Romanian Deadlift


Lat pull down

Overhead press

Seated row

Cable press

Cable rotation


Hamstring curl


Pull up

Lateral raises

Face pull

Floor press


Now based on your goals, mix and match these exercises in the rep ranges of your goal and go to town. If you want full body, do the hard stuff (strength) first and the easier stuff last (endurance) with the hypertrophy stuff (muscle building) in the middle. Don’t limit yourself to these exercises. These are just examples.

b)     Find someone knowledgeable to teach you proper form (a friend who genuinely knows what he/she is doing or a trainer for a couple of weeks). Splash out $150 for 2 weeks and learn a lifetime of info from a pro. Not only do you learn from a pro, but now you have someone in your corner for advice. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “of course you’re going to say get a trainer, you’re a trainer,” but would you try to fix your own car if you knew nothing about cars. Most likely not.

c) Have a basic understanding of rep ranges and percentages so you are working most efficiently towards your goal.

3. Change the emphasis of your movements on a regular basis

If you are focusing on lower body strength for one week, switch the focus to upper body strength the next or it can even go session to session based on how many days a week you want to train. This will help keep it interesting and you won’t be the guy/girl that skips leg day.

4. Keep track of your weights, sets and reps

Keeping track of the weight helps you ensure progress and will give you a little extra push to improve.

weight training guide_2

5. Perform to your ability not your ego

Make sure you can finish a set with good form. Once your form goes, you increase your risk for injury. If we are injured we slow our progress.  So, use a weight that is challenging, but still allows you 2 more reps in the tank as reserves.

6. Celebrate the small successes

Understand that results don’t come immediately. It is a process. It takes hard work and dedication so celebrate when clothes fit a little better and take the compliments when they come.

These are simple steps to get your program started. Obviously if you have any injuries or health concerns check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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