Fitness goals are not easily achieved.

Losing weight or gaining muscle requires dedication, commitment and certainly some sweat and possibly a few tears. The road to success is not always straightforward and there can be many hurdles both intrinsically and extrinsically which can affect your fitness goals and progress.

But this article isn’t about the barriers. This article is about what happens when you break past those barriers.


What’s next?

The dreaded plateau of results is looming, maybe the boredom of the same exercises or the frustration of being so close yet still lying just outside of that goal.

I have been raised on the idea of progressive weight training. The idea that you start with basic primal movement patterns which are then mastered and executed with good technique to ensure future exercises have a solid foundation.

This then reduces the chances of injuries and enables a person to move through from beginner to advanced weight training techniques with ease. This is because they have already developed strength in the key muscle areas along with allowing for simple progressions in exercises, overload and timing, or to simply keep the program interesting and challenging. Here are my top 5 tips for staying on the path to success when those weight training goals are within reaching distance.

1. Maintain your pace

A good workout is about timing. Rushing through exercises or pushing more weight than necessary can lead to injuries which can put a stopper on that fitness goal and set you back with recovery times or physio. The key words to remember are progression through perseverance and patience.

There is no point in rushing or quickly pumping up the weights in order to hit that goal. If you wish to see long lasting results along with maintaining full functionality in movements and minimal to no injuries then maintain your progressions and keep yourself accountable to your consistency in training.

2. Fuel your body

Fueling your body correctly before and after a weights session ensures muscle recovery, macro and micro nutrient replenishment along with aiding the process involved in muscle growth, repair and total body functionality.

If you are serious about your weights you may like to enlist the help of a personal trainer, coach or nutritionist who will be able to give you the correct advice when it comes to macro-nutrient amounts, portions and the timing of your meals.  It is also worth noting the different body types and how nutrition and exercise effects an ectomorph compared to a mesomorph.

weight training 13. Set the date

All good goals have a deadline. Whether it’s 6 months to the date, an organised assessment or a pre-determined date before a competition – having a deadline ensures that you stay accountable and on target in your workouts. Be accountable and honest to yourself about how you are tracking.

Keeping an up-to-date program card with weights and reps will allow progress to be tracked more accurately along with allowing a predicted goal date. Body scanners such as Inbody can offer affordable scans which will aid in identifying water levels, muscle and fat percentages in limbs and trunk as well as measurements in total muscle.

4. Structuring your workout for success

There are so many options when it comes to structuring your weights routine. Do you do a split, focus on one body part at a time or a total body workout. Do you superset, drop set or just go for it? Always keep the structure of your workout related to your final goal and you should have no issues in reaching your target.

Often a healthy mixture of differing routines will enable better progression and will also prevent any boredom or plateau.  Structure also refers to your meals and other daily activities as well.

5. Keeping your eye on the prize

Complacency is a killer. Many people see their goal in site and think it’s time to relax, however this is the time to really set your sites on the finish line. You can celebrate when you hit that target but don’t make it harder on yourself by dropping back on the training or having one to many cheat meals just because you are almost there.

This is one of the hardest parts of a routine when the finish line is right around the corner. Prove to yourself that you can do it, stay determined and keep your weekly schedule and diet and that goal will be smashed in no time!

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