Getting fit can be quite a challenge, especially if the purse strings can’t be as flexible as you’d like.

Here is Maria’s story…

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5ft 2”
  • Current weight: 70kg
  • Target weight: 58kg

Growing up, I did my fair share of sport at school and ate well (the pros of living at home and having health-conscious parents), but when I went to university, things changed. The late, boozy nights, dinner on a student budget and the only ‘sport’ I partook in involved a fortnightly Macarena routine in a dive retro bar.

Once I graduated, I went straight into medical training to become a doctor and head-first into the world of shift work. Consequently, my eating became disordered and purely convenience food-based. Plus, after a 12 hour night shift, going to the gym was the last thing I wanted to do. Slowly but surely, I put on the pounds and before I knew it, I was quite overweight.

Standing for long periods of time at work caused me pain, I became short of breath and soon began worrying about what patients were thinking about me dishing out health advice when I wasn’t exactly a beacon of physical fitness myself.

I was determined to do something about it, but even though my resolve was high, my budget wasn’t.

Between renting in London, student loan repayments and maintaining some kind of social life, I couldn’t afford the expensive joining fees / gym subscriptions, and hiring a personal trainer to get me started seemed to be the preserve of the rich and famous.

It was then that I found
weight loss on a budget_2

When I first joined in April, I bought the Indoor Workout Plan. At £4.49 it was a bargain and gave me the knowledge I needed to navigate the world of exercise and get started. Although it was only a week-long plan, I followed it for around 3 months (some weeks were more successful than others, I’ll be honest!) and I lost 6kgs, which I was thrilled about.

I also loved being part of a the WatchFit community on the App which helped spur me on with the updates and motivational posts.

After the summer ended, I wanted to progress to the next level workout-wise. Although I was happy to buy another plan, I wanted the option to not only pick and chose but also see what each one had to offer so I could tailor it to my own goals.

When WatchFit offered the option to pay a small subscription to unlock all the plans, I was sold. For the fraction of a cost of gym membership, I could try any one I wanted, whenever I wanted.  It meant I had access to both exercise-related plans as well as diet and nutritional ones, which helped me make better food choices to complement my fitness regime. It was a total no-brainer.

I’m now over half way to my goal weight of 58kgs and I have WatchFit to thank for that. It is great to have everything in one place; plans by fitness experts and athletes, informative articles and change from a fiver every month!

WatchFit makes diet and fitness accessible to everyone, and there is nothing better than that.

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