When you talk about a great workout routine for weight loss you’re talking about quality exercises, great organization and exercise sequence, proper manipulation of training intensity, large muscle groups, and stimulating maximum fat burn.

Simply put, creative and effective multi muscle exercises performed with speed and a fat burning pace are essentials to creating a highly effective and beneficial workout routine to lose weight. Furthermore, it is in how these exercises are organized in relation to each other that rounds out the effectiveness of the routine because you do not want to under tax your body or conversely, overtrain or burn yourself out.

Lastly, a great weight loss routine should be very time efficient, straight forward, clean and simple without too much time spent. Think of it this way. If the routine you are doing is tough enough to burn huge amounts of fat, then you should not be able to train energetically for more than 45 minutes.


So with all that said here is a great weight loss routine for you to do that covers all the previously mentioned criteria and is straight to the point tough! It’s a circuit of 5 exercises. Challenge yourself and let’s see what you got!


1. Kettlebell swings (25 reps)

2. Alternating reverse lunge w/DB curl shoulder presses (10 reps each)

3. Low plank, climb to high and jump feet forward, back down (10 reps)

4. Renegade rows (pushup continue into single arm DB row in high plank) (10 rows each)

5. Mountain climbers (30 secs)

weight loss gym routine_2

These exercises should be done in this order consecutively with no rest, with one time through each constituting one round. You can rest after each round is completed but see if you can keep it to between 60 and 90 seconds max.

The goal here is to see if you can go through 5-7 rounds which should keep you moving and burning at a high level for a good 35 or 40 minutes! Remember, that is plenty of time if the workout is as intense as this one is. Lastly, here are a few helpful tips and things to keep in mind.

– Challenge yourself with the weights making sure that they are heavy enough to make you push to bang out the last couple reps of the exercises.

– Shoulders will really burn with all the floor plank holding positions. Core gets a lot of work too for the same reason so engage it constantly.

– The Lunge and Renegade Row exercises are slower and designed to be your moderate less explosive “recovery” exercises between the other three fast ones.

– While doing the Renegade Row keep the feet spread slightly wider than hip width to support the single arm row with a stable core.

– If you want work through the exercises completely non stop you probably will need to start with higher reps and then taper down the reps each round in order to do so. But, this is an extremely tough way to do the routine so work up to doing it that way if you cannot maintain it for atleast 30 minutes. Maybe start with trying just two rounds back to back and go from there.

So there you go! This is definitely a killer routine designed to be very strenuous and tax that fat burning energy system! It will get the job done but you may need to play around with the reps, weights, and rest periods to make sure you are able to sustain atleast a good 30 minutes of energetic work. Have fun! Be tough! Embrace the challenge and I look forward to future opportunities to work with you!

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